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10 cities where you can get an Airbnb for under $75 per night

Traveling and taking time off for a vacation is a luxury for most, but it shouldn't require emptying out your entire savings account. Fortunately, traveling on a budget is not impossible and actually quite popular.

According to Pinterest, the search term "budget travel" was up more than 64 percent over last year on their site. This includes some real photo-worthy trips like Italy, Brazil and South Korea!

When booking on a budget, you can look at sites like TripAdvisor or Expedia for deals on flights and free things to do. Pro tip: The more free things there are to do wherever you're going — like visiting a beach, hiking through the mountains or walking through local markets — the cheaper your overall trip will be.

Then, when looking for a place to stay, check out a site like Airbnb. If you travel with friends and book an apartment, condo, house, cabin and even a yurt, you can split the cost (and save money by making breakfast in your own kitchen).

Airbnb has some pretty over-the-top places to stay, but they also have some great places for budget travel. Check out 10 cities where the average Airbnb stay is under $75 per night in the gallery above!