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10 Countries with the Highest Coffee Consumption in the World

Ty Haqqi

Coffee will never go out of fashion, as evidenced by the 10 countries with the highest coffee consumption in the world. There is nothing better in the world than a hot, steaming cup of coffee to jolt you awake in the morning. Similarly, nothing comes close to coffee as you attempt to pull an all-nighter to meet a deadline, be it for university or work. There’s a reason why one of Starbucks Corporation (NASDAQ:SBUX)'s is just a stone’s throw away, McDonalds (NYSE:MCD) has opened McCafes and there are more Dunkin Donuts (NASDAQ:DNKN) than stars in the sky (unverified). Demand for coffee is huge, even though if you compare coffee consumption by country 2019 and coffee consumption by country 2018, you will notice a decline. Similarly, global coffee exports in October 2019 have also decreased when compared to 2018, by 13.4%. So what is the reason behind this? Are people falling out of love with coffee? Is there a more suitable substitute?

Actually, the reasons are much more mundane. Unfavorable weather patterns have seen coffee production decrease in 2019, which combined with decreasing prices have led to a corresponding decrease in consumption as well. So don’t worry, coffee is still in popular demand, especially when compared to its competitors such as tea, where China unsurprisingly tops the list of countries that drink the most tea. So which countries are obsessed with coffee, and how much do they consume? We have the answers to these question, but if you want to learn more about countries addicted to coffee, head on over to top 15 caffeine addicted countries with the highest coffee consumption in the world.

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The United States of America is one of the biggest consumers of coffee, which is perhaps why the biggest coffee chains have emerged from there. And this love affair does not seem to be abating, with Americans consuming more coffee than ever before, with 64% of Americans claiming that they drink coffee every single day, while 83% saying that they drink coffee, just not every day. There are very few other things which will unite Americans the way coffee does. Despite my earlier comment about the number of coffee chains in the US, most people in the country still prefer coffee at home, with 79% claiming that they brewed coffee at home just the day before.

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To determine the list of 10 countries with the highest coffee consumption in the world, we selected two criteria, namely total coffee consumption and coffee consumption per capita. The reason for adding the latter is that using only the former criteria would see this list inundated with huge countries with large populations due to obvious reasons. By using these two criteria, we were able to focus on the countries which actually love consuming coffee. So let’s take a look at the countries where coffee is life, starting with number 10:

10. Russia

Total consumption: 4,506 (in thousand 60 kg bags)

Coffee is extremely popular in Russia, with it being a perfect antidote to the bitter cold Russia faces each winter. The most popular type of coffee in the country is cappuccino.

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9. Norway

Total consumption: 729 (in thousand 60 kg bags)

While Norway doesn’t consume a lot of coffee in absolute terms, it actually came in number one in our per capita rankings! While the world average is around 1.3kgs of coffee per person annually, Norway actually manages around 10kgs per person!

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8. Switzerland

Total consumption: 957 (in thousand 60 kg bags)

While Switzerland is popular for its scenic beauty, banks and chocolates, coffee plays just as important a role in the country, with the coffee culture having been ingrained for centuries.

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7. Algeria

Total consumption: 2,286 (in thousand 60 kg bags)

Coffee has been present in Algeria for centuries, and was even the first country in the world to introduced iced coffee, known more popularly as mazagran.

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6. South Korea

Total consumption: 2,484 (in thousand 60 kg bags)

Considered to be a status symbol in the country, coffee has a major presence in South Korea, thereby allowing it to feature in the list of 10 countries with the highest coffee consumption in the world.

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5. Australia

Total consumption: 1,908 (in thousand 60 kg bags)

Coffee in Australia has been heavily inspired by the Italian immigrants present in the country, which is why premium coffee is the rage in Australia. That would explain why a nation that loves to consume coffee is the only country that Starbucks ever had to scale back its operations in; because Australia doesn’t do average coffee.

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4. Japan

Total consumption: 7,832 (in thousand 60 kg bags)

Just like everything else in Japan, even their coffee culture is unique. However, if you truly want a taste of the most aromatic coffee in the world, then Japan is the place to be, with the Japanese taking great care in the execution of each step to prepare the perfect cup of coffee.

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3. Canada

Total consumption: 7,832 (in thousand 60 kg bags)

The coffee industry in Canada is worth over $6 billion, showcasing the demand and love for coffee there. It’s the most consumed beverage in Canada, surpassing even tap water.

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2. United States of America

Total consumption: 26,569 (in thousand 60 kg bags)

The United States of America may be the biggest consumer in the world of coffee, but falls behind on a per capita basis. We have already discussed the obsession Americans have with coffee, and if it continues growing, don’t be surprised to see the US topping this list in the near future.

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1. Brazil

Total consumption: 22,250 (in thousand 60 kg bags)

Brazil tops the list of 10 countries with the highest coffee consumption in the world, which should come as little surprise as it is also the biggest coffee producing country in the world as well, and has been so for several years. In 2016, the country earned $557 million dollars from just exporting coffee, which is in addition to its own consumption, and there seem to be no signs of the demand for coffee decreasing in Brazil.

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