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The 10 Course Creators & Experts to Watch in 2021

·13 min read

Boost Media Agency

The 10 Course Creators to Watch
The 10 Course Creators to Watch
The 10 Course Creators to Watch

New York, New York, Feb. 16, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The age of information that we live in has seen business owners and entrepreneurs from all over the world capitalise on their knowledge in many ways - online courses in particular. Quick, simple and efficient, courses are an incredible way to receive fountains of knowledge on a chosen subject, without having to spend 4 years in a classroom at university. For those seeking to monetize their knowledge as a first timer, creating an online course can be daunting to say the least. According to Boost Media Agency, in order to create and launch a successful online course, you need the help of an expert. Each with their own unique style, here we present the 10 course creators and experts to watch in 2021.

Monica Kline (@identity.brand.by.monica.kline)

Monica Kline Founder of Identity Brand, a full service brand management agency, which launches brands and businesses on a solid foundation utilizing an Omni channel approach and technology to scale.

Monica, with 27-years of real-life, hands-on experience in Branding, Marketing, Sales, and Public Relations, which is why her experience lends itself to provide such valuable services. Having built her resume working for Fortune 500 companies, she has seen the growth of technology and how it can benefit smaller businesses today. One of Monica’s mottos is that “You must always be evolving to remain relevant”, which is something that she not only applies personally, but to her business and carries this motto when guiding her one on one clients. With her growth mentality, knowledge and team of experts, Monica is able to grow businesses to be profitable in the first year.

In 2018, Monica strategically added ‘Course Creator’ to her repertoire of services, as she knew she wanted to impact more people by guiding them to launch profitable businesses. The one way to do this is by on-line programming. In 2018 Monica launched a social media course for small business owners, followed by her signature Build Your Brand Course, which she teaches you the step by step approach she uses to build and scale brands.

Fast forward to 2021, Monica is in process of adding several more courses to what is now known as “Identity Brand Business School”, which is an affordable way for start up entrepreneurs to learn all of the tools necessary to build a profit based business.

Lidiya Kesarovska (@letsreachsuccess)

Lidiya Kesarovska is the founder of Let’s Reach Success, a company that helps women start and grow a successful and authentic online business so they can leave their fears behind and provide epic value. Over the years, Lidiya has transitioned from a freelancer to a full-time blogger, to a course creator who offers valuable insight and mentoring. She has grown Let’s Reach Success into an authoritative platform on anything related to business, financial independence, lifestyle design, and blogging.

Her signature course, Blog to Biz System, teaches high-vibe women the methodology to go from knowing nothing about blogging or having a hobby blog, to a sustainable blogging business with consistent income. Lidiya draws from her experience as a content creator for 7 years, so she has tested all the formats, platforms, and tools under the sun to discover what truly works. Now, she teaches that to her students so they can enjoy the personal and professional growth they’re looking for.

Lidiya is not only passionate about blogging and business, but she’s also passionate about personal development and using spirituality and manifestation, something she has applied consistently to her life and work. She applies the principles of Human Design to her courses so her students can learn to align their true selves to their businesses and lead more fulfilling lives.

Jennifer Prashad-Hawaldar (@Jenniferprashadhawaldar)

Jennifer Prashad-Hawaldar is a trailblazer course creator expert who’s passionate about breaking grounds and glass ceilings for diverse entrepreneurial women. Coming from a family of Indo-Caribbean immigrant parents, she’s proud of her accomplishments and has taken the pursuit to help others reach their goals. She has created three successful online courses that teach people how to create their own profitable online course coaching business and have scaled her students to surpass the $6 million mark in only 3 years.

Jennifer founded The Course2Launch Academy, which provides entrepreneurs with the tools they need to reach their objectives and build their dream life. She offers a wide variety of courses, including the Accelerator Program, which is quite popular. It’s a 12-week course that helps mompreneurs, aspiring entrepreneurs, edupreneurs, coaches, and people who are tired of their 9-to-5 jobs learn what it takes to profit from their knowledge, passion, expertise, or unique life-story through the creation of valuable online courses.

Through her unique proprietary C.O.U.R.S.E™ framework, proven strategies, and methodologies, she’s able to empower people to create, launch, and scale profitable online courses so they can jumpstart their careers, take charge of their life and obtain the financial, time, and secure freedom they desire.

Her message focuses on helping others to uncover their difference to impact the difference. To see their journey with complimentary values to helping others and finally taking the initiative with their first step forward as an imperfect action toward success. She believes that there are ample opportunities available, it’s just a matter of taking action and making one’s own luck.

Stef Lau (@steflauofficial)

Stef Lau is a highly accomplished online course creation coach from Hong Kong. She is passionate about helping clients to find their online space and profit from their knowledge/ expertise/ advice. She has the honor of being the 1st Asian Female Course Creation Coach Under 30, an Amazon best-selling author, and the creator of a 7-figure online course with Mindvalley, the world’s largest personal development company.

Stef’s approach to coaching has allowed her to help many individuals reach their goals and make their visions come true. For people who have no idea where to start, her flagship Course Creation Champion program provides an analytical, mental and rational step-by-step process that anyone can follow to crack the code of launching a successful online course. The system she provides is simple yet comprehensive and effective.

With her motto “Your Expertise Is The Biggest Gift That Deserves To Be Shared”, her program is not only about achieving a business breakthrough, but also a personal breakthrough. She combines personal development and entrepreneurship to help people grow while building a business.

Stef’s online course is very unique as both information and implementation are beautifully blended. Not only students get a thorough proven system with templates and swipe files, but they also benefit from a 3-day live bootcamp where they will be able to implement everything during the live event with Stef and receive precious feedback and critiques from her.

Jade Geary (@wanderlustcoursecreate)

Jade Geary is a wonderful Instructional Designer and proud CEO of Wanderlust Course Create. She has been building a career as an Instructional Designer for the last 5 years and her journey started during her higher education. Jade has always been passionate about her work and she’s always been determined to become the best Instructional Designer she could be. For this reason, she enrolled in a Doctorate of Education program and she will defend her dissertation in March 2021.

If one thing is clear about Jade is that she values the power of education, which is why she wants to work with as many people as possible. This desire led her to launch Wanderlust Course Create back in May 2020. Through her company, she is focused on helping women entrepreneurs by providing valuable and effective courses that will truly help them make a difference in their lives.

Jade applies not only her knowledge of instructional design, but also what she’s learned on her Doctorate to create high-quality courses, which apply learning theories that are backed by other experts in the field. She has dedicated her professional career to ensuring that people can have access to courses that are truly valuable and effective, so students can arm themselves with enough knowledge to make their vision come true.

Myrra Kate (@myrrakate)

Myrra Kate is a Kingdom-driven entrepreneur as well as an online course creator and strategist. She specializes in helping female coaches, experts, and service-based entrepreneurs package their skills, passion, and expertise into profitable online courses. Not only that, but she also empowers these women so they can reach their full potential, live out their true purpose and be truly happy with their careers.

Myrra’s online journey began as a travel, lifestyle, and fashion blogger, guided by her love of writing. She had always wanted to create an online course but kept pushing it back. It wasn’t until 2019, when she went through a near-death experience, that she realized there was no time like the present to do the things one loves and is passionate about. Determined, she got to work and, one month later, launched her first ever online course.

Today, Myrra has had the pleasure of working with people all over the world to help them develop successful and effective online courses. By launching and creating their online courses, they can stop trading their time for money, free up more of their time, quit their unfulfilling 9-5 jobs and make a bigger income and impact. Through Course Compass, her signature group consulting program, she offers a simplified step-by-step course creation framework to make things a lot easier for entrepreneurs. There are no overcomplicated strategies; there are only actionable steps that bring people closer to their dreams.

Lauren Galloway (@leaveittolo_)

A former fashion buyer turned digital entrepreneur, Lauren Galloway (aka Lo), left her previous life working with global retail powerhouses to establish her own company, Leave it to Lo. There she works as the team lead and chief visionary – wearing hats such as Course Creator, Online Business Manager, and Co-Coach.

Lauren started out in the online space in March of 2020 as a Virtual Assistant and was booked out within 3 months. Having worked with dozens of clients in the coaching industry, Lauren quickly realized there was a big area of opportunity in creating online courses and e-learning resources.

The vision of Leave it to Lo is to support clients by creating online courses that establish them as the authority in their niche, make their services accessible to a much larger audience, and ultimately create greater impact within their community.

Leave it to Lo is passionate about helping clients diversify their income so that they can achieve time freedom and reduce financial anxiety and stress. Lauren’s team achieves this by helping clients turn their passion, expertise and knowledge into profitable online courses.

The core belief at Leave it to Lo is that every coach, educator and creator has a course within them – you just need an experienced team to make it a reality.

Brandy Dudas (@brandyrosedudas)

Brandy Dudas is the co-founder of The Chillionarie Club and a successful course coach who possesses the superpower of helping entrepreneurs simplify their projects and break them down into small, actionable steps that can be achieved. Brandy is a corporate-world escapee turned college professor, and today she uses her business background and her love of education to help entrepreneurs create, price, and launch online courses that will add value to the world.

Brandy has amassed 22,500 subscribers on YouTube and 1.8 million channel views thanks to her valuable educational content. She’s passionate about teaching others and making a positive impact on people’s lives by helping them reach their goals. That’s why she jumped at the opportunity to found her own business where she could reach more people looking to create and launch successful online courses.

She’s entirely focused on growing The Chillionaire Club and she has the experience and knowledge to provide high-quality course coaching services. Thanks to her 8 years of experience in higher education, she’s able to provide frameworks to build lessons and show her clients how particular students will learn best. She doesn’t only provide effective advice on marketing, launching, and pricing, but also on how to build effective courses that get results.

Rashta Ali (@rashta_ali)

Rashta Ali is a professional course coach who understands the power of human knowledge. Online courses are on the rise and they’re a huge part of the digital space, which is why Rashta provides the services people need to become a part of the digital movement and leave a legacy of knowledge while creating passive income and reaching a global audience.

She’s passionate about online education and she’s helping lower the barrier of entry for people who have wisdom to share and want to make a difference in the world. Online courses provide opportunities for anyone to have a breakthrough and build a profitable business. Rashta Ali simply makes things simpler thanks to her wide array of products and services.

People who don’t know where to start with the creation of an online course will find many valuable resources with Rashta and all the support they need. She helps people package their knowledge into a successful online course and there’s no need for marketing, sales, or technology experience. With Rashta’s course creation blueprint, clients only have to follow the steps to create a valuable online course and overcome the common obstacles that often arise with such a project.

Britney Thornton-Homco (@thecoursecreationcoach)

Britney Thornton-Homco is a U.S. military veteran turned female entrepreneur who founded the Love Your Launch Academy, where she offers marketing and business coaching programs for course creators who need support and strategy. She focuses on helping high-performing women defy traditional models of success so they can create fulfilled, happy lives they can be proud of. She mixes her military background into her teaching and training, providing systems that can be replicated by anyone.

Britney spent 9 years serving in the US Navy as a warfare officer and public affairs officer, so she understands very well what it’s like to work in a high-pressure, stressful environment. But thanks to her nurturing and adaptive leadership style, she found success in prioritizing people over objectives. In 2019 she launched her business and she’s helped over 76 course creators plan, build, and launch profitable online courses using the skills she honed while in the military.

In the Love Your Launch Academy, Britney offers several options. Clients can either go through a comprehensive A-Z program or enroll in workshop classes about specific subjects. She allows clients to tailor their experience to get exactly the help they need, and she offers one-on-one sessions because she understands the value of human connection. At the Love Your Launch Academy, the client is always the priority.

Make sure to follow each of these amazing course creators and experts. Each of their Instagram's have been directly linked here. Finally, we would like to thank Boost Media Agency for taking the time to put this article together.

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