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10 Desk Plants That Will Bring Your Office To Life

Olivia Harrison

Working in an office all day every day can really suck the life out of you. But, if your job requires that you sit at a desk, you just have to find little ways to restore your vitality. One of those extra-little ways is to adorn your desk with actually living things. Enter the perfect desk plant.

Succulents, herbs, cacti, and shrubs, each of these miniature plants can add a whole lot to a lackluster day at the office. Ahead, we've rounded up 10 different desk plants that offer a respite from deadlines and workplace drama. These little beauties will make you a little bit happier as you head into the office each day.

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Bloomscape Golden Pothos  

The Golden Pothos is easy to care for so it won't distract too much from your day-to-day work routine. Plus, its heart-shaped leaves will provide comfort on tough days.

Size: 8 to 14 inches (including pot)

Bloomscape Golden Pothos, $35, available at Bloomscape

Milgro Nursery Potted Kalanchoe  

The Kalanchoes' colorful flowers will add a little brightness to any cubical, but don't let its buds fool you. This particular plant is actually a member of the succulent family, which means it doesn't require much water.

Size: 4.5 inches

Milgro Nursery 4.5" Potted Kalanchoe - Colors May Vary, $9.99, available at Target

The Sill Parlor Palm in Ezra Planter  

This Parlor Palm needs to be watered once a week, so go ahead and add the weekly task to your Google calendar. It's not suited for direct sunlight so it should be fine among fluorescent office lighting.

Size: 2-inch tall and 2.5-inch wide planter

The Sill Parlor Palm In Ezra Planter, $23, available at The Sill

Lula's Garden Jewel Garden  

Unable to maintain a garden at home? Bring a miniature version to your desk. With three different succulents, this planter has three times as much to love.

Size: 8.5 inches by 3.5 inches by 4.5 inches

Lula's Garden Jewel Garden, $35, available at Lula's Garden

Brussel's Bonsai Live Golden Gate Ficus Indoor Bonsai Tree  

Add a meaningful break to each workday by showing your bonsai a little love. Helping a bonsai thrive can be challenging, but if you succeed it can bring even more satisfaction to your work life.

Size: 5 to 8 inches tall in a 6-inch container

Brussel's Bonsai Live Golden Gate Ficus Indoor Bonsai Tree, $27.2, available at Amazon

The Sill Petite Snake Plant in Ezra Planter  

According to The Sill, a NASA study showed that Snake Plants are extra efficient at cleaning the air. That means you can literally breath easy at work – even if you aren't doing so figuratively. Plus, there's no need to water this plant more than once every two weeks.

Size: 2 inches tall and 2.5 inches wide

The Sill Petite Snake Plant In Ezra Planter, $26, available at The Sill

Plants by Post Mini Succulent in Patterned Ceramic Pot (Set of 2)  

What's better than a couple of succulents? A couple of succulents in adorable pots of course. Show off a little style at your desk with these two low-maintenance cuties.

Size: 2.5 inches

Plants by Post Mini Live Succulent in Ceramic Pot (Set of 2), $22.12, available at Amazon

The Bouqs Co. Athena Lavender Plant  

The scent of lavender is meant to help you relax, so those with high-pressure jobs — or even those who just have general anxiety — could benefit from growing lavender right at their desk.

Size: 5-inch square or round planter

Bouqs Athena - Lavender Plant, $68, available at Bouqs

Lula's Garden Cacti Garden  

You may not be able to outright tell your co-workers not to bother you but displaying an extra-prickly plant front and center at your desk might subtly get the message across.

Size: 4 by 5 inches

Lula's Garden Cacti Garden, $25, available at Lula's Garden

Brussel's Bonsai Small Fence Bamboo Indoor Houseplant  

In Feng Shui, several stalks of bamboo are said to bring good luck and prosperity. That means this arrangement is perfect for the place where you make that money.

Size: 8 to 12 inches

Brussel's Bonsai Small Fence Bamboo Indoor Live Houseplant, $22.49, available at Target

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