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10 Easiest Instruments To Learn For A Child

Neha Gupta

What are the easiest instruments to learn for a child? As a parent, by now, you would know kids have excellent aptitude for learning new things. Playing a musical instrument is a sure way of putting your kid's creative energies to good use. In addition to working their body parts, music instruments also help sharpen the mind. Previously we answered this question in a separate article titled 10 easiest instruments to learn how to play. Today one of our other writers will take a stab at the same question. Hopefully we will get similar instruments at the top of our list. If you are looking for easy instruments you can learn on your own, follow the link.

While compiling the list of the easiest instruments to learn for a child, we established criteria for selecting only the best instruments. We obviously had to limit our selection to instruments that children can handle with ease and little experience. For this matter, size, as well as weight of the instruments, was of great importance as a way of narrowing the list.

To make sure that any kid would be able to learn with ease any of the instruments, we focused on musical instruments that have similar operation mechanisms. The list also contains instruments suited to various personalities. For instance, there are instruments suited for extroverted kids while others are ideal for reserved and contemplative kids.

While some of the instruments require children to work independently or in isolation, some of the instruments are designed to nurture teamwork. Some of the instruments in the list are ideal for averting boredom, while others are for enhancing dexterity, which increases the fun.

To ensure that our list was only made up of the easiest instruments to learn for a child, we crosschecked with listings on Victor Bailey as well as Didge project.

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#10 Violin

Violin, unlike other musical instruments, requires a lot of work. However, it is still a fun musical instrument to have around kids. For starters, it is an essential instrument for enhancing manual dexterity, which is part of the fun, especially for growing kids.

Violin is one the best musical instruments for children who lover o be at the center of attention and are not reserved. Any kid who loves to be in musical groups would love the violin experience

Any kid who finds their way around the violin is sure to have a smooth turnaround in mastering other musical instruments.


#9 Cello

As a member of the violin, Cello is a versatile music instrument with a rich voice. As a musical instrument of instant gratification, the learning process is not as complicated as it may sound. However, it does require focus and daily practice. Just like the violin, Cello is for Children who love to perform in groups and are extraverted.

Cello stands out as a musical instrument for kids on the fact that it encourages teamwork and leadership skills. It is also an ideal musical instrument for confidence building.


#8 Xylophone

The xylophone is a musical instrument sure to catch the eye of any kid. Unlike the piano, this musical instrument for kids requires bars to be struck using a wooden mallet, adding to the fun while playing. The instrument has its bars marked, which decreases the difficulty of mastering where to strike to produce a given sound.

A xylophone is an ideal instrument for kids who get bored too fast as it increases understanding of music scales at different octaves.


#7 Recorder and Flute

Arguably some of the easiest musical instruments to learn as introductory instruments into the musical world. Many schools offer lessons geared towards learning how to play the two woodwind instruments. In some cases, teachers use the recorder as an introductory to the clarinet.

The two instruments stand out in part because they challenge kids to move individual fingers in different patterns to produce varying sounds as air flows across. The two are also ideal for outgoing kids who like to mingle with others as well as musical groups.

The portability of the two instruments means kids can carry them around and practice while on the go with ease. A kid who perfects how to operate a recorder and flute would always find it easy to run other difficult mouthpieces.

Recorder and Flute

#6 Clarinet

The clarinet is an ideal musical instrument for kids who love being around choirs. Learning materials are available in abundance as many schools offer clarinet lessons. Learning materials are also available online.

As a simple musical instrument, the clarinet is an ideal musical instrument for introducing a kid to an entirely new world of musical instruments. While sharpening clarinet skills, a kid should be able to play the flute or recorder with ease as they go hand in hand.


#5 Saxophone

The saxophone is an ideal musical instrument for parents who wish to achieve a great crossover with clarinet and the flute. As one of the easiest instruments to learn on your own, the woodwind instrument offers great versatility ideal for a variety of musical genres such as R&B, Rock, and Jazz. Contrary to perception, there are different sizes of saxophones that would excellently match with any kid.


#4 Guitar

The guitar is by far the easiest and coolest musical instrument for kids. In addition to being fun to play, it is also an ideal musical instrument for learning the basics of music. Likewise, it also helps in boosting manual ability that can come in handy in other aspects of like.

A guitar is also the easiest instrument to learn on your own on looking up to famous musicians. It is also an ideal musical instrument for a kid who would like to one day be part of a musical group or band.


#3 Ukulele

Similar in almost all aspects to the Guitar, Ukulele is one of the best musical instruments for kids. In addition to being small, it is a fun instrument to have around and easier to learn. The fact that the instrument is stringed means that a child can pick up some hand-eye coordination with ease.

Ukulele strings are made of nylon, which makes it easy for kids to press and achieve the best results as part of the learning process. The instrument also does not cost much and is cheaper than most high-end instruments.

Portability is another aspect that makes Ukulele stand out as a perfect instrument for kids looking to sharpen their musical instruments skills.


#2 Drums

It does not get any better with Drums as one the easiest instrument to learn for a child. While they might not be the best instruments for parents who need peace of mind after a long day at work, drums are a sure way of exercising kid’s muscles.

For those who are not shy of spending, then buying electric drums would be the way to go as a way of having the upper hand in regulating the amount of sound produced.

Drums are ideal musical instruments for kids dealing with aggression and angst as they provide an avenue of expressing the pressure.


#1 Piano

The inherent characteristic is one of the reasons why the piano has remained a popular musical instrument not only for adults but kids as well. It is one of the easiest instruments to learn for a child in part because it does not have strings attached that require tuning or practice. With Simple finger movements, a kid can have an interval than a chord.

Unlike other musical instruments, all the keys of a piano are laid in front, which makes the learning process much easier for kids. Similarly, it is one of the easiest musical instrument to learn, as it does not have restrictions on age. It is also an ideal musical instrument for reserved and contemplative kids as one can learn and perform in solo.

The fact that there are tons of learning materials available on the internet to learn makes it an ideal musical instrument for a household.


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