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10 hottest, affordable classic cars of 2020 include Range Rover, Ferrari 360, Honda CRX Si

Nathan Bomey, USA TODAY

Are Hondas and Acuras really classic cars?

Yes, according to the new annual Bull Market List from classic-car insurer Hagerty, which includes the previously scorned front-wheel-drive vehicles that are surging in popularity.

The annual Bull Market List contains aging SUVs and sports cars, such as the Honda CRX Si and the Acura Integra Type R. It shows that a new generation of classic car buyers is emerging, and they aren't exclusively interested in old stalwarts like the Corvette and Mustang, says Larry Webster, Hagerty's editor-in-chief.

The 2020 list is "looking less like traditional classics and more like the wish list of the high school Class of 1999," Hagerty reports.

"Automotive enthusiasm is alive and well and being passed along to the next generation," Webster says.

Hagerty compiled its Bull Market List based on projected value, insurance quote trends, digital buzz and dealer insights.

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"It's a complete 360-degree view of the market, not just based on sales," Webster said.

Here are Hagerty's projections of the hottest affordable classic cars in 2020:

1996-2002 Dodge Viper GTS

Price when new: $66,000

Current Hagerty value: $47,800-$55,900

This 10-cylinder-engine vehicle's "outlandish design" is one reason why it's particularly popular among Generation X and millennials, according to Hagerty.

"The Viper is an automotive roller coaster," Webster says. "It's an experience like no other."

1990-95 Volkswagen Corrado

Price when new: $17,900

Current Hagerty value: $5,700-$8,000

The Corrado was the first car you could buy with an electrically operated rear spoiler, Webster said. It also had a supercharged 4-cylinder engine at an affordable price.

And it's still affordable today. Interest in the Corrado is surging. In 2019, collectors requested 25% more Hagerty insurance quotes on the vehicle than they did in 2018.

1999-2005 Ferrari 360

Price when new: $170,779

Current Hagerty value: $82,200-$89,600

This car is making a transition from "used exotic" to "enthusiast or collectible car," according to Hagerty. A used exotic is still depreciating. The latter category has bottomed out or is appreciating.

"The design has aged well and looks elegant in a way a lot of cars from that era don’t," Hagerty reports.

1971-80 International Harvester Scout

Price when new: $7,212

Current Hagerty value: $25,500-$32,500

This vintage SUV is booming in value. It rose 23% from 2018 to 2019, according to Hagerty. One reason: Many of them were left to rot as collectors focused on vehicles like the Ford Bronco and Chevrolet Blazer.

"They rusted out like crazy," Webster says.

Now there's a rush to restore the Scout. "If you can buy it in original paint, I would buy it," Webster says.

1988–91 Honda CRX Si

Price when new: $10,195

Current Hagerty value: $11,200-$15,300

This front-wheel-drive sports car is "symbolic of the golden age of Honda," according to Hagerty, with its "quick and go-kart-like" feel.

This car had its heyday when many Millennials were babies, but that's the generation that's driving the interest in it. They make up 60% of Hagerty insurance quotes for the vehicle, compared with 21% of all models.

"It's about the smoothest 4-cylinder that's ever been made," says Webster, who previously owned one.

1997-2001 Acura Integra Type R

Price when new: $24,830

Current Hagerty value: $40,700-$51,200

This vehicle is "super rare and hard to find in good shape," according to Hagerty. Coupled with the fact that its "widely considered the best-handling front-driver of all time," the Integra Type R is soaring in value.

In 2019, its value rose 21% over 2018. Over the last three years, the value is up 47%.

1984–2001 Jeep Cherokee

Price when new: $21,665

Current Hagerty value: $7,600-$10,400

This vehicle has had a long shelf life. Its "classically rugged good looks" and affordability have attracted a big audience, Hagerty says.

It's smaller than the modern Cherokee, and that enables agile off-roading.

1998-2002 BMW M Roadster

Price when new: $42,770

Current Hagerty value: $21,000-$27,200

The most valuable versions of this model are skewing the average higher. The reality is the median price is $13,000. It's cheaper than its cousin, the M coupe, but its finally getting its due after being "overlooked for a long time," according to Hagerty.

"There is so much entertainment for the dollar in this car," Webster says.

1970–76 Porsche 914

Price when new: $42,770

Current Hagerty value: $21,000-$27,200

This is only the third model ever made by Porsche designers. Its "great handling and affordability" are driving interest, especially among baby boomers, who make up 55% of the quotes on the vehicle.

But it may not be affordable for much longer. The average value rose 29.3% in 2019, compared with 2018, and some recent sales have topped $100,000.

Porsche collectors started giving fresh consideration to the 914 after the 911 became unaffordable for many, Webster says.

1970–95 Land Rover Range Rover

Price when new: $45,000

Current Hagerty value: $20,500-$30,300

The old Range Rover appears to be drafting off of the success of the current Range Rover, according to Hagerty. You can see some of the current vehicle's design cues from the vintage model.

Just gear up for a lot of maintenance.

"They're so unreliable, it's comical," Webster says.

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