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The 10 Most Extravagant Hotel Suites in the World

Beth Braverman

Planning a weekend getaway with that special someone for Valentine’s Day this year?

As long as money is no object, we’ve got the list for you. Fire up that private jet and check out this new list of the World’s Most Exclusive Hotels Suites. Put together by consulting company Wealth-X, with help from travel consultants Kiwi Collection and Elite Travel International, the hotels are ranked by taste, opulence and excellence.

SLIDESHOW: The Most Extravagant Hotel Suites in the World

“For the world’s most demanding, ultra-wealthy individuals, only the best will do, regardless of cost,” Tara Wilkinson, editor in chief at Wealth-X and editor-at-large of sister publication Billionaire, said in a statement.

The cheapest suite on the list, The Apartment at the Connaught Hotel in London, runs $23,500 per night. The most expensive, the Royal Penthouse Suite at the Hotel President Wilson in Geneva costs a cool $67,000 per night.

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By comparison, an average four-star hotel room in the United States costs $278 for Valentine’s Day weekend, a 3.5-star hotel room runs $251, and a 3-star hotel has a $145 price tag, according to Priceline.com.

Even mere millionaires are looking for luxury and upping their travel spend. Wealthy consumers surveyed last year by American Express said they planned to spend 10 percent more on vacations, 17 percent more on luxury hotels and resorts, and 14 percent more on weekend getaways.


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