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10 Most Value-Packed Courses to Crush Your Goals in 2020

SEATTLE, WA / ACCESSWIRE / June 29, 2020 / Over the past 6 months, the way we learn has taken a massive shift towards remote learning practices and digital courses due to the Covid-19 Pandemic. The notion of society preferring to learn from home as a result of the quarantine is creating a profoundly positive effect for the entrepreneurs who create courses with great value. To save you the trouble of finding a few courses that can take your skill sets to the next level, I've gone ahead and listed a few courses that I and many others have found to be impactful in our lives.

Allie Bjerk - Tiny Offer Lab

Tiny Offer lab is a revolutionary program helping online business owners create and launch extremely profitable products so they can make impact and income. With this 8 module course, you'll learn exactly how to design an irresistible product based on little-known buying psychology secrets, run unlimited traffic towards your offers so your pipeline is always full and make passive income so that you're not tied to your desk. Tiny Offer Lab is a perfect program for online business owners who lack ideal clients and end up just settling while living client to client, as well as those ready to get out of the entrepreneurial hamster wheel.

Lauren Tickner - Impact School

Ever wanted to become an online course creator or coach yourself?

Impact School's Launchpad is designed to help you do just that, and turn your existing knowledge and experience into an online program that'll get your name in an article like this in the future. With clients such as Brooke, Garret, Steve Melissa and Sasha who are also on this list, Impact School's Launchpad is made for those who want to build highly profitable and successful online businesses that change people's lives. Their clients range from personal trainers, to therapists, to marketers and beyond - the results that Lauren Tickner's Impact School gets really do speak for themselves, and she's even giving you a free course to gain clarity on how you can get started here: impactschoolmba.com

Brooke Muenzenberger - Busy Entrepreneur Loses Fat

This course helps professionals and entrepreneurs lose fat through high-end methodology of mindset, nutrition, and workout programming. Win @ Life Academy was created in a course style with hands-on virtual personal training sessions, group sessions, and customized planning that has proven to yield results. Brooke's course has been a great addition to many busy professionals such as business owners, lawyers, doctors, real estate agents and overall anybody who implements what they learn.

Garrett Biss - Thriving in Your Recovery

Thriving In YOUR Recovery™ leads working professionals to total freedom from past addictions so they can thrive in their addiction recovery. This comprehensive e-learning curriculum is strengths-based and positivity-focused, designed to get anyone from where they are to where they want to be in recovery - privately, conveniently, and affordably. It provides step-by-step guidance, multiple evidence-based practices, and online group support to deliver a unique and effective recovery pathway.

If you are in recovery but you struggle with lingering shame, guilt, low self-worth, or deflated self-esteem, Thriving in YOUR Recovery™ will propel you beyond these limitations. Experience the personalized recovery approach that leads to a meaning-filled and thriving recovery in all areas of your life.

Steve Cronin - Dead Simple Saving

Experts are getting ripped off every day by commission-driven advisors and struggle to get direct access to the largest fund managers like Vanguard. If you live in a non-OECD country and want to take back control of your personal finances to reach Financial Independence, this course will show you how.

Expat Saving & Investing 101 combines an online course with live coaching, worksheets and clever financial tools for over 12 hours of straightforward, engaging and practical content. Learn how to fix your money mindset, assess your finances, set clear targets, reduce debt, establish cash buffers, invest sensibly in stock & bond funds, choose a platform and make your first investment. Steve Cronin is a financial coach who has helped thousands of expats and, with no affiliation to any financial companies, he can show you exactly what works and what doesn't.

Hernan Vazquez - Perfect Ads

In this course you can expect to Learn how to create great Facebook, YouTube and Banner ads, without being a marketing expert. To battle the learning curve of creating amazing ads, this course will break it down in the simplest ways possible.

The course is great for small business owners, entrepreneurs, and marketers that want to write better Facebook ads, create better Video ads, get more customers, and of course generate more revenue.

Sasha Lipskaia - The Confidence Academy

A 10-week, high-touch, intimate group program that will help you generate the Confidence of Movie Stars in your life & business. This unorthodox, interactive coaching course will help you debunk the self-worth and money issues that keep you scared and struggling, and help you become the Star of your own Show.

The course is great for entrepreneurial women who want to claim, and charge their true worth. Are you ready to go #allin on yourself and master your people and sales skills? Do you want to let go of your old stories and fall in love with yourself + making money? If you want to become accountable to act as the Confident Star CEO of your life and business, this course is for you. Find out if you qualify for The Confidence Academy Today!

Melissa Blake - Pasitive Solutions

This six-week program will help you become unstuck,.So that you can drop those unwanted pounds by getting to the heart of the matter by removing the barriers in mind. We can remove the extra weight from your body to live a happier, healthier life. The true magic is how easy change can be, once you change your mind. You deserve a Pasitive Solution

The six-week program will empower you to release trapped emotions, in order to replace and update limiting beliefs causing negative patterns of behavior. Confront and move past the issues that have plagued you before. Melissa will guide you every step of the way! It's time to be healthier, lighter and happier. You deserve a Pasitive Solution!

Excuses are not answers, excuses allow you to stay stuck! The six-week program will empower you to take responsibility for your health, release trapped emotions, in order to replace and update limiting beliefs. We will remove those old patterns that sabotage your health. Melissa will guide you every step of the way! It is time to be healthier, lighter and happier. Together we will get you to your ideal weight. You deserve a Pasitive Solution!

Lauren Tickner - Impact School Academy

Impact School required a notable second feature on this list of top online courses, with "Impact School's Academy" helping the world's greatest online coaches and course creators scale their businesses.

Impact School's Academy provides bespoke coaching and consulting, and Lauren Tickner and her team assign their clients the right project at the right time, specific to the needs and goals of that specific client at that moment. Steve Cronin and Brooke Muenzenberger, also on this list, are notable clients who have come from Impact School's Academy.

This really is the best program for existing course creators and/or coaches/consultants to generate bigger profits and change more lives, through creating an easy-to-operate business. You can find out more how Lauren Tickner and her team at Impact School can help you here: impact-school.com/method

Tyler Espitia - Ichimoku Traders Academy

Ichimoku Academy was created by Tyler Espitia as a way to help as many people change their lives the way Tyler has through Trading. The course is beginner-friendly and offers an in-depth look into the method Tyler trades consistently, Ichimoku. You can expect this course to feature modules on stock trading as well as Forex. Since its release, Tyler has helped thousands of course members reach financial freedom and broaden their understanding of the markets. For that reason, Tyler's Course has been named the best stock trading course of 2020.


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