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10 Must-Watch YouTube Channels for Making and Saving Money

Trent Hamm

While it's great to learn about personal finance, entrepreneurship and frugality from the written word, many of us learn better by watching and listening. Unfortunately, television networks have only a small sample of channels that cater to people who want to get their financial lives in order.

As with many other genres, YouTube has filled that niche. Here are 10 great YouTube channels that focus on saving money, making money and investing money, while also being entertaining.

Pretty Frugal Living , hosted by the effervescent Amrita Singh, features a ton of videos on frugal living that are cleverly divided into sensible categories, such as food tips and home decoration ideas. Most of the videos are short and to the point, focusing on one specific tip, but the channel offers a number of playlists so you can watch many back-to-back.

Entrepreneur is the video channel for Entrepreneur magazine and is loaded with ideas for starting and growing your business, whether you're thinking about a small side business to earn a few dollars or building the next megacorporation. The channel often branches out and covers tactics for personal organization and how to keep personal finances separate from your business.

Ramit Sethi's YouTube channel offers career-oriented personal finance advice with an action-oriented bent. Rather than just relating an idea, the videos tend to push you to take action in your life, which is great for people who need a little motivation. Sethi, founder of the website I Will Teach You To Be Rich, offers a positive outlook that focuses on building income more than saving money.

Frugal TV is a great channel to watch for family-friendly advice featuring couponing and low-cost shopping tactics, along with many humorous moments. Nathan Engels, known as Mr. Coupon, is a wonderful host for many of the segments, including like his adventures (and misadventures) at the grocery store in an effort to shave dollars off his grocery bill.

Robin Sharma's channel is a bit different from the rest. He has a tight focus on entrepreneurship, but ties those topics into life lessons on leadership, personal growth and productivity. He usually ends with a great call to action and a method for making it happen. If you like how personal finance and personal development intersect, you'll find a lot to like on Sharma's channel.

eHow Finance is a collection of videos from different hosts who address how specific financial tools work. Many of the videos answer financial questions on topics ranging from what happens if you die without burial insurance to how to submit a total loss insurance claim.

Money Talks News is a series of news segments hosted by the enthusiastic Stacy Johnson, which cover basic personal finance topics from many different angles. If you've ever wished you could watch a personal finance blog instead of reading it, Money Talk News provides that in a great format.

Kiplinger is a video version of the well-known Kiplinger magazine. Personal finance is covered here in depth with a fairly strong (but not exclusive) focus on investing, retirement accounts and building wealth. The videos tend to have a serious tone, but pack a lot of information into each piece.

Great Depression Cooking is purely entertaining and heartwarming regardless of whether you're seeking frugal food advice. The host of these videos, Clara, is a sparkling woman in her 90s who mixes some interesting techniques for inexpensive food preparation with her memories of growing up in the Great Depression when she was a teenager. Clara passed away in 2013, but her voice shines through so wonderfully in these videos that you can't help but smile.

The Frugal Chef is a great resource for those who want to learn how to prepare meals at home at a low cost. The recipes and techniques are approachable and the host, Mary Ann Allen, makes it all seem easy. Many of the videos take the form of a cooking show, and the recipes have a strong focus on low cost.

Who needs CNBC or Bravo when you have all of these useful channels at your fingertips?

Trent Hamm is the founder of the personal finance website TheSimpleDollar.com, which provides consumers with resources and tools to make informed financial decisions.

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