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The 10 Richest and 10 Poorest Counties in America

Derek Thompson

Six of the ten richest counties in America are in Virginia and Maryland, clustered around the Washington, D.C., metro area. Six of the ten poorest counties in America are in Mississippi or Kentucky. These figures are in estimated median household income dollars.

The concentration of wealth around D.C. is particularly striking.

On the Virginia side, Falls Church City (#1 richest county in the country) is enveloped by Arlington (#7) and east rim of Fairfax County (#5), which borders Loudoun (#2) on its west side. From Loudoun, you pass south through Prince William (#13) to Stafford (#9).

In Maryland, encircling Washington, you have, clockwise from the noon position, Montgomery (#12), Howard (#4),  Anne Arundel (#24), Calvert (#23), St. Mary's (#29), ​and Charles (#18). All of these counties border each other, forming a kind of reverse-C (or Hebrew Fe) around the District. 

And here's that word picture looks like in an actual picture: Some of the counties here, like Falls Church City (#1), are too small to appear at this zoom level. But you get the idea.

To see median household income and more in your own state, county, and neighborhood, check out Census Explorer

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