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The 10 Video Coaches & Strategists to Watch in 2021

Boost Media Agency

The 10 Video Coaches & Strategists
The 10 Video Coaches & Strategists
The 10 Video Coaches & Strategists

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NEW YORK, March 26, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- With the world of social media constantly evolving, in order to keep up, we must stay on top of the latest trends. Perhaps the biggest trend of recent times, is video content. What these social platforms have allowed us to do better than ever, is connect with our audiences - and there is no better way to do so than with video. When it comes to video content and strategy however, most entrepreneurs and businesses don’t know where to start. According to Boost Media Agency, in order to get the most out of your video content, you need the help of an expert. Each with their own unique areas of expertise, here we present the 10 video coaches & strategists to watch in 2021.

Patricia Kelikani (@patriciakelikani)

Patricia Kelikani is an Emmy Award winner who shows entrepreneurs how to scale their businesses by unlocking the power of video. She’s a video coach known for her simple and fun teaching techniques and she’s the founder of Lucrative Videos, a company that has helped businesses double and triple their revenue by using video. As a mother of two, she understands the importance of a good work/life balance, so she has created a framework that allows her clients to pay attention to important aspects of their business without neglecting their personal life.

Through her online course, called The MAP to Lucrative Videos, she teaches entrepreneurs how to increase their revenue with video without having to record content more than once a month. Many video coaches on the market focus greatly on quantity over quality, but not Patricia. Her focus is on strategy, so she teaches entrepreneurs how to use pre-recorded videos that are high-quality and evergreen so they can reach their ideal customers for years to come.

By being strategic with video, entrepreneurs can have raving customers, establish themselves as experts in their field and leaders in their niche, and also have more free time to do the things they love and be with their loved ones. Patricia is passionate about helping busy people find balance and she goes above and beyond for her students to create a supportive and knowledgeable community. You can access Patricia’s free training here.

Catara Lane (@cataralane)

Catara Lane is an incredible video coach and the founder of CLXContent, a one-stop-shop content agency for people’s media needs. She’s passionate about working with small businesses and non-profit organizations, particularly those with marginalized backgrounds who are on a mission to get their story heard on social media. Catara is a passionate storyteller and she’s always kept herself busy, from creating magazines to making documentaries and everything in between.

Through CLXContent, she wants to provide all the services small businesses and non-profits need to break through, including social media management, content creation, and website building. She helps people get their stories out through original and valuable content. She also provides her clients with a solid and effective social media plan for success.

With a strong background in media production and a Major in Film and Media Arts from Temple University, Catara has the knowledge and the experience to help marginalized stories cut through the noise and make ripples. CLXContent specializes in creating video content for social media so these stories can reach as many people as possible and receive the attention they deserve. Catara creates exquisite media content and effective social media plans that will allow small businesses and non-profits to reach their goals.

Kristine Fernandez (@missfernandez__)

Kristine teaches Coaches, Consultants & Business Owners how to create content that reflects their Authentic Personal Brand on Social Media. But things weren’t always this way. Kristine spent 7 years after university traveling the world as a flight attendant, and upon returning to Australia, applying to over 40 Marketing positions with no result. Thinking outside the box, Kristine turned to YouTube where she built a personal brand, grew from 0-20 thousand subscribers in 6 months, but more importantly, transformed her reality from 0 prospects, to having brands, people and organisations connecting to work with her. Kristine has since run events, teaching business owners about the social media ecosystem, to running workshops on content creation, and even hosted a motivational forum in Asia supporting career transitioners.

Currently supported by Nikon Australia as a Z Creator, and YouTube vlogger, Kristine uses her video blogging tools to create educational content to help businesses leverage the online space to amplify their impact and reach more people around the world.

Rodrigo Tasca (@drigo_who)

Rodrigo Tasca, also known as Drigo, is a Brazilian entrepreneur, YouTuber, and video strategist. His YouTube channel is small but he’s dedicated to it, and it’s focused on teaching creators and creatives how to build a 6-figure video production business that’s profitable and valuable. As a business owner, Rodrigo is incredibly unique. He doesn’t have a Marketing degree and he didn’t graduate college, but that hasn’t prevented him from becoming a serial entrepreneur.

He has learned to be a successful entrepreneur in the best possible way: through trial and error. Rodrigo has discovered what marketing strategies work and what results proved cost-effective because he has tried everything in his own business. His experience is extensive and it has allowed him to learn the skills required to be successful and to help others reach their goals as well.

Rodrigo is the founder and CEO of Tasca Studios, a video production company that specialized in video marketing for local businesses. Through his company, he has helped clients increase their return on ad spend by 7 times with a variety of effective strategies. He’s constantly learning and innovating to stay ahead of the curve and provide clients with the best possible services so their businesses can thrive and scale.

Shauntae Cherelle Hudson (@confident_camready)

Shauntae Cherelle Hudson is a Video Strategist who works with emerging entrepreneurs to help them build profitable brands with video live-streaming. She’s an entrepreneur herself and has been featured in ABC, Fox News, Thrive Global, and Addicted to Success. She has built a digital media platform, and along with her amazing coaching, she has been able to transform the lives of thousands of professionals around the world.

Her coaching has a particular focus on self-development and dealing with the Imposter Syndrome so she can help her clients reach their full potential and find their confidence. Shauntae believes it’s essential to have a strategic video marketing plan so entrepreneurs can move beyond likes and followers. It’s her mission to guide them so they can be seen, heard, and paid with video marketing.

Shauntae is the creative founder of Confident & Camera Ready. She’s also a thriving female video podcaster with the Confidently Candid Podcast. She offers unique services by showing entrepreneurs how they can optimize their video and create a content system that’s scalable across all social media. She doesn’t approach video as a content strategy like so many other video strategists. She implements video as a funnel, which is why she’s so successful in her coaching.

Trena Little (@trena_little)

Trena Little is an effective YouTube strategist and video coach, an MBA grad, and mother of two. She went from working a soul-sucking 9 to 5 job to owning multiple 6-figure businesses while maintaining a healthy work-life balance and she helps her students do the same. She’s passionate about YouTube strategy and video coaching and she has become the go-to option for female entrepreneurs who want to grow a successful YouTube channel.

Trena is able to provide valuable guidance because she has gone through the process of growing not one, but multiple YouTube channels on her own and amassing millions of views. Through her program, Video Strategy Academy, she provides a step by step YouTube strategy that will help a business thrive not only on the platform but also outside of it by creating business leads and sales on a 24/7 basis.

She also created a powerful Video Multiplier Formula where she teaches her students to maximize the power of a single video. This is included in her program along with templates and tutorials on how to turn one video into 10+ pieces of content for all social media platforms. Trena also provides individual guidance through coaching calls so she can help her students troubleshoot their next steps. She’s a source of great knowledge and she loves to share it.

Harrison (iamhcreative)

Wave bye bye to being camera shy! Harrison from @iamhcreative is committed to helping people overcome camera shyness and level up their video content.

With so many of us consuming video content every day, Harrison successfully simplifies the process of creating videos and emphasises just how accessible it really is.

From being incredibly uncomfortable on camera not so long ago, Harrison has completely come full circle and is now sharing his experiences with his variety of amazing coaching clients.

“99.9% of people don’t show up on camera due to overthinking,” says Harrison. He is on a mission to break down those barriers for people and invest his time and energy into ensuring they create more video content and love every bloody second of it!

Marina Monaco (@marina_monaco_)

Marina Monaco is a German-based video marketing expert, who focuses her attention towards the highly attention grabbing TikTok & Instagram reels. Marina is passionate about telling the stories of her clients, helping them to spread their message and get noticed by more people.

Why Monaco? For her, Cannes and Monaco represent beautiful, sophisticated places that stand for prosperity and wealth and, above all, for dreaming big, setting high goals and always working for your dream life. For her it doesn't necessarily mean to live there at some point, but the mere fact of setting yourself such big goals and identifying yourself with Monaco leads to the development of a winning mindset. Her motto is: dream big, achieve bigger.

Through her experience using TikTok & Instagram reels, Marina has been able to develop an exceptional understanding of how to gain a foothold on the platforms. Whether for private or business purposes, Marina has the knowledge and breadth of experience to take your video content to the next level.

Kelsey Brooks (@xokelseymbrooks)

Kelsey Brooks is the proud founder of Kelsey Brooks Coaching where she works as a business consultant and video marketing strategies who’s passionate about supporting creative entrepreneurs. She helps them achieve greater visibility in their niche and establish their credibility within their community so their business can grow. Before she found a passion for coaching, Kelsey started several businesses, where she found success and got the opportunity to learn a lot.

She dropped out of college at only 5 credits from graduating because she knew she wanted to run her own company. She was a part of the corporate world until recently, yet being fired is the best thing that could have happened to her. It’s what drove her to finally found Kelsey Brooks Consulting and focus entirely on running her business her way and providing valuable services.

Kelsey discovered there was a gap in the industry because she noticed entrepreneurs don’t know how to use video in their businesses. Through her agency, she hopes to bridge that gap and allow entrepreneurs to unlock the power of video. She has created a program called Explode Your Exposure, where she teaches her clients to set up a creative content schedule, build a no-brainer offer suite, and leveraging other people’s audiences through collaborations and features. She integrates video into the marketing strategy in a way that provides growth and a higher level of exposure for the business.

Meleri bowen (@_meleribowen)

Meleri Bowen is a video content expert and mindset coach who aims her services at female entrepreneurs. She spent over a decade of her life dedicated to TV and Media production, so she decided to bottle her experience and focus on helping women be seen and heard through the power of video so the entire world can have access to their knowledge and expertise. Meleri is passionate about helping people flourish through her mindset coaching so industry pioneers can unlock the confidence and courage they need to become an authority in their industry.

She is also a certified Health Coach and Reiki Practitioner, she’s a fluent Welsh speaker, she’s a two-time BAFTA Award winner, and she has appeared on BBC Radio Station, Radio Cymru, and S4C, a Welsh TV channel. Her work is focused on helping service-based female coaches and consultants who are struggling to be on video. Meleri empowers them so they can have the confidence to be on camera and create video content that will allow their businesses to grow exponentially.

To accomplish that, she provides services such as one-on-one coaching, group programs, and video agency services. The most important thing for Meleri is partnering her knowledge of video with mindset work because without this there’s not enough planning in the world that will provide the results her clients are looking for if they resist the camera. Both aspects come hand in hand to create this end result.

Make sure to follow each of these amazing video coaches & strategists. Each of their Instagram's have been directly linked here. Finally, we would like to thank Boost Media Agency for taking the time to put this article together. This article is Boost Media Agency’s selection of the 10 people to watch. Disclaimer: The information written in this piece was sought from the individuals, and to the best of Boost Media Agency’s knowledge, the representation of these entrepreneurs is accurate.

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