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The 10 Youngest Billionaires in the World

Young and rich

Four of the world's youngest billionaires are connected to Facebook; two are the sons of the late Lebanese Prime Minister Rafic Hariri; one is a woman. Here's how the 10 youngest billionaires, as ranked by the indexing website PeekYou.com, made their fortunes.

1. Mark Zuckerberg

Zuckerberg, 28, launched Facebook from his college dorm room and grew it into one of the world's most successful businesses. While his wealth has taken a big hit following Facebook's disappointing IPO, he's still worth close to $15 billion, according to public estimates.

2. Sean Parker

The co-founder of Napster (and first president of Facebook) has more than $2 billion to his name. Parker, 32, served as a mentor to Zuckerberg and famously urged him to drop the "the" in the original version of Facebook's name. He was also an early investor in Spotify, the music sharing company.

3. Eduardo Saverin

This co-founder of Facebook, now worth an estimated $2 billion, had to fight for that title: He sued Facebook and later agreed to a settlement, as depicted in the movie The Social Network. Saverin, 30, who grew up in a wealthy family, has a reputation for enjoying the good life and racking up large bar tabs.

4. Dustin Moskovitz

Moskovitz, 28, also knew Zuckerberg from college and worked on Facebook in its early stages. He has since left Facebook to pursue a new start-up, along with charitable work. Forbes estimates his net worth at around $3.5 billion.

5. Scott Duncan

Scott Duncan, now in his late twenties, made billions the old-fashioned way; he inherited it from his late father, who started an energy pipeline company. He is worth an estimated $4 billion and maintains a limited online presence.

6. Fahd Hariri

Now living in Paris, this married 31-year-old and son of the late Lebanese Prime Minister Rafic Hariri works in real estate and holds an architecture degree. He is worth just over $1 billion and pops up frequently on the international social scene.

7. Robert Pera

Pera, a former Apple engineer now in his mid-thirties, founded Ubiquiti Networks, which makes wireless gear. He reportedly still enjoys living frugally, despite the fact that he's worth over $1 billion.

8. Ayman Hariri

Like his brother (#6), Ayman Hariri, who's in his mid-thirties, has an international pedigree: He earned his undergrad degree in the United States, at Georgetown University, and now works in real estate while living in Saudi Arabia.

9. Yang Huiyan

The only woman on the list, Yang Huiyan, who's in her early thirties, gained her billions when her father transferred much of his own wealth to her in 2005. (Her father, a self-made man, started Country Garden, a successful Chinese high-end real estate company.)

10. Albert Von Thurn Und Taxis

This German prince, 28, attended school in Italy and Scotland before returning to his home country. He enjoys race-car driving as well as local energy projects.

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