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100% Horse Meat Found In UK Frozen Beef Lasagnas

Adam Taylor

In January, the Food Safety Authority of Ireland (FSAI) made a horrifying discovery — horse meat had been found in beef burgers that were then sold in supermarket chains in the UK and Ireland.

Since then the UK's Food Safety Authority has admitted they had never tested beef for horse meat, and even Burger King were forced to admit that their Whoppers may have been contaminated with horse meat.

While the scandal has received a lot of attention, so far we've mostly been talking about contamination rather than full on "horseburgers" — though one burger from the British supermarket chain Tesco was found to contain 29% horsemeat.

But now we have a new problem — "horselasagna".

The Daily Mail reports that a popular brand that sells frozen beef lasagnas in the UK has admitted their products may contain between "60 to 100 per cent" horsemeat.

According to the BBC, those percentages were found in 11 out of the 18 lasagnas tested.

It gets worse:

There are concerns that the horse meat used in the lasagna contained the drug bute, which is a known human health risk.

The company behind the lasagna, Findus, say the meat came from a French company, Comigel, at a plant in Metz. Comigel makes frozen beef foods for a variety of British supermarkets — the Mail reports that Tesco and Aldi have removed the products from their shelves.

There's another twist. So far most investigations have pointed to a meat processing plant in Poland as the source of the horse meat, despite an official Polish denial.

The lasagna news may mean that Poland was a red herring — or it may show that illicit horsemeat is worryingly widespread.

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