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100 Things You Can Do To Pass The 100 Days Until College Football Season Starts

·4 min read

100 Things You Can Do To Pass The 100 Days Until College Football Season Starts

Mountain West football kicks off in 100 days. There’s still a lot of time kill before that, though.

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Don’t know what to do with yourself until Week 0? We can help.

  1. Invest in a Kickstarter, like Envelopes of Cash

  2. Read a book about college football, like The Border War by Ryan Thorburn and Robert Gagliardi

  3. Get into that College Football Revamped video game

  4. Visit a nearby National Park Service site

  5. Watch the first season of Yellowjackets

  6. Make a road trip to Nevada and place a few college football bets

  7. Relax by a pool and work on your tan

  8. Visit a local deli and build your own charcuterie board

  9. Learn to craft a literal charcuterie board

  10. Join a college football forum, like MWCBoard

  11. Watch lots of baseball

  12. Try a new local tasty beverage

  13. Go for a walk

  14. Rewatch one of your favorite games from last season

  15. Go fishing

  16. Definitely watch Top Gun: Maverick

  17. Check out a local festival

  18. Write something

  19. Hang out at the beach or, if you’re inland, by a lakeside

  20. Try a local restaurant you’ve never been to before

  21. Adopt a pet from a local animal shelter

  22. Make a donation to your favorite team’s athletic programs

  23. Visit your local library branch

  24. Take a siesta

  25. Create a “drawing [insert whatever you want here] until college football season starts challenge” for yourself

  26. Learn to play blackjack

  27. Join a local rec league

  28. Sign up for stuff to get tons of freebies on your birthday

  29. Update your resume

  30. Find a podcast to enjoy

  31. Perform at an open mic night

  32. Unplug from the internet for a time

  33. Buy a Rifftrax for one of your favorite movies

  34. Floss daily

  35. Establish a stretching routine

  36. Learn a new language

  37. Brush up on your cooking skills for tailgating season

  38. Create a Dungeons and Dragons character

  39. Become a CFBordle master

  40. Craft the perfect gameday music playlist (or just get amped up with this one)

  41. Do a stadium tour

  42. Find a Coke Freestyle machine and make as different drink combinations to try as you can possibly imagine

  43. Buy a graphic novel to read

  44. Ponder whether a hot dog is a sandwich

  45. Play a round of True American with friends

  46. Watch a video game speedrun

  47. Read from a sports-themed online literary magazine, like Boudin’s special football mini-issue, The Under Review, Clinch Lit

  48. Visit a local museum

  49. Check out local yard sales

  50. Try to make some tasty vegetarian recipes

  51. Start a skin care routine

  52. Rewatch the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe in chronological order

  53. Learn how to throw an axe

  54. Create a sourdough starter

  55. Get a jump on planning your Halloween costume

  56. Watch some birds

  57. Invest in something (just not crypto)

  58. Perfect your selfie game

  59. Make a painting

  60. Donate tickets to one of your favorite team’s football games

  61. Create some useful GIFs for the masses

  62. Indulge in a Cameo from a Mountain West athlete, like Brian Cobbs or Xavier DuSell

  63. Try out Xbox Game Pass

  64. Nerd out at a comics convention

  65. Check out the night sky at its fullest

  66. Visit a local farmer’s market

  67. Play a round of mini-golf

  68. Play a round of actual golf

  69. Volunteer some time with a local organization

  70. Clean your living space

  71. Clean out your email inbox

  72. Try as many different flavors of Oreo cookies as you can find

  73. Get some reps in at a batting cage

  74. Climb a rock wall

  75. Support the local music scene

  76. Make some homemade juice pops

  77. Join a book club

  78. Hang out at a county or state fair

  79. Ride Amtrak somewhere you’ve never been before

  80. Work on your 40-yard dash time

  81. Step up your bath game

  82. Buy a new college football jersey

  83. Eat the best burger in your state (and maybe the next state over, if you have time)

  84. Stay hydrated

  85. Visit your local zoo

  86. Watch a nature documentary or three

  87. Go bowling

  88. Buy the biggest puzzle you can find and put it together

  89. Barbecue

  90. Swede a movie you like

  91. Take a camping trip

  92. Support a local food truck

  93. Buy a planner and get organized (or at least build your future schedule around this fall’s Saturdays)

  94. Buy a plant and grow some herbs or vegetables at home

  95. Take a Udemy course and learn something new

  96. Learn a dance

  97. Donate some food and supplies to your local pantry

  98. Eat somewhere that was featured on Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives

  99. Go skating, whether on ice or wheels

  100. Stare at a wall and just wait for August 27 to arrive

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