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11 Brutal Reminders That You Can and Will Get Fired for What You Post on Facebook

·Assistant Editor

In this new society that we’ve all agreed to be a part of, your Facebook page is an extension of yourself. For this reason, it’s not a good idea to post anything there that you wouldn’t normally say, for example, to your boss.

The unfortunate folks below didn’t get that memo. Here are 11 examples of Facebookers who weren’t so careful with what they shared and, as a result, put their employment statuses in jeopardy because of it.

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1. Broadcasting to your online friends how much you hate your boss is probably not going to help you stay employed, especially if your boss is one of those online friends. This embarrassing post (below) probably did a number on our poster’s relationship with said boss.


Anonymous employee in hot water. (lamebook.com)

2. A Swiss woman in 2009 was playing what would normally have been a simple case of hooky, claiming that she had a migraine and could not work in front of a computer screen. Unfortunately, her employer noticed that she had signed in to Facebook that same day. Saying that this had “destroyed its trust in her,” company management decided to let her go. In defense, the woman did claim to have been accessing Facebook from her iPhone, but she was fired (or sacked, as they say abroad), regardless.


We’re betting this old story still gives her a headache. (guardianlv.com)

3. A Georgia teacher was called into the principal’s office in 2009 after a student’s parent complained of finding pictures of her drinking beer and wine on her Facebook page. School administration said the images “promoted alcohol use,” and the teacher was ultimately asked to choose between resignation or accepting a suspension. She chose to resign.


A picture from Georgia teacher Ashley Payne’s Facebook. (dailymail.co.uk)

4. Anyone who once thought that Facebook was a safe place to taunt or insult your comany’s customers has probably found out the hard way by now that it is not. Take this Detroit power company employee, for instance. This impressive rant posted to her wall in 2013 (which you can read most of below) got her canned pretty quickly.


Rachel Burnett’s Facebook post. (The Blaze)

5. We can all agree that publicly posting something like this (below) will vastly limit your employability, right? How do you think his Monday morning meeting went?


Dope doing dope on Facebook. (lamebook.com)

6. A county school bus driver in Georgia was fired in 2013 for posting about a hungry student passenger who claimed he didn’t have enough money to get lunch at school. “As a tax payer … I would rather feed a child than to give food stamps to a crack head,” the driver wrote. School board officials didn’t take the critique well, and in fact found no proof that the boy went without lunch. County school board policy stipulated that “disciplinary procedures” apply to employees who post on social networking sites and cause disruption to the instructional environment. The bus driver refused to recant and apologize, so he was fired.


Johnny Cook’s Facebook post. (inquisitr.com)

7. An intern in 2007, still learning the ropes, no doubt, was fired after his boss learned that the “family emergency” he had to miss work for was a fib. How was his lie sniffed out? The intern’s co-workers found this Facebook picture of him attending a Halloween party the same day he blew off work. What’s worse? The made-up story, or the fairy wand?


Our dear intern has much to learn. (mymodernmet.com)

8. When you’ve added those who employ you as Facebook friends, it’s probably best to keep most thoughts regarding your terrible work habits to yourself, unlike what has seemingly transpired in this post (below).


Slacker employee exposed. (lamebook.com)

9. When a U.S. Marine posted a rant on his Facebook page in 2012 that included “screw Obama,” he quickly found out that insulting your boss on social media, whether you’re friends with him or not, won’t end well when your boss is the POTUS. Needless to say, he was discharged from service.


Gary Stein’s apology. (The Sexy Politico)

10. This Tennessee KFC employee seems to have licked his last pile of mashed potatoes. A Facebook picture showing him doing just that (below) not only got him fired; the company also announced that it had retrained the entire staff of that KFC location. The restaurant said in a statement that the potatoes pictured weren’t served to any customers, but we’ll go ahead and pass on eating at any of the Colonel’s Tennessee locations anyhow.


Ewww. (NY Daily News)

11. And lastly, of course, don’t forget that, yes, despite your better judgment, you did friend your boss on Facebook. Whoops.

Slipped my mind. (lamebook.com)

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