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11 Paint Colors That Will Make You Feel Like You Live in a Brand New House

Erica Corbin

If you want to make your home feel like new but are worried about the cost of renovations, there’s a simple solution: Add a fresh coat of paint. A splash of color on the interior or exterior can breathe new life into your home and raise its value. A recent survey from Zillow found that homes with blue bathrooms, for example, sold for $5,440 more than expected.

But, while choosing paint colors can be fun, it can also be tricky. Sunbeam Yellow? Midnight Blue? Each hue means something different and evokes a unique feeling. Let this color guide show you how to do it right, whether you simply want a fresh look or you need to boost your home’s value.

Hazelnut Cream

Hazelnut is a trendy paint color right now because it’s great for brightening a room or for making a space seem larger than it is, according to Decor Mag. Since the color is neutral, you can also pick any furniture color without fear of clashing.

What a Pro Had to Say

“Hazelnut Cream would be good for a living room. And, if you complement it with white trimming, it could give the room an airy feel,” said Alexus Majors, a paint associate at Home Depot.

She noted you should also pay attention to the quality of paint you buy. “If you get the Behr Ultra, you can go 10 years without having to repaint. It blocks mildew, too,” she said.

Emerald Forest

Forest green is a rich, dark shade that creates a zen effect, which makes it a popular choice for living rooms and bedrooms. Behr’s Emerald Forest is the perfect choice if you want to go bold but relaxing. It costs just $27.98 per gallon.

What a Pro Had to Say

According to Majors, Behr’s Emerald Forest would be a great bedroom paint color, in particular. She advised, however, against painting your entire room this shade. “It would be great as an accent wall because it is a really bold color,” she said. “It would go well with cream tones like Antique White, Navajo or Swiss Coffee.”

According to Home Depot’s online paint selection, earth-toned golds are also a great idea for decor if you’re looking for a nature-inspired vibe.

Moonlit Yellow

Moonlit Yellow by Behr is a hue that helps to energize and bring life to a space. This color — or something similar, such as a buttercream — will add vibrancy to any room in your home. It tends to work well in bathrooms and kitchens, especially when paired with dark pieces of furniture. 

What a Pro Had to Say

Majors said that you shouldn’t be shy about bringing pale yellow hues outdoors, either; it could boost your home’s curb appeal. “It would actually look really nice for an exterior,” she said. “And, you can complement it with any color as your trimming.”


Listed as one of the hottest paint colors of 2019 by Consumer Reports, this darker hue from Behr works well in any space of your home that you want to highlight. Vice president of color and creative services at Behr, Erika Woelfel, explained to Consumer Reports that this particular hue “commands attention but isn’t overwhelming.” 

What a Pro Had to Say

Majors agreed with Woelfel’s statement about Blueprint being bold, but added that it feels contemporary, as well. “It is really great in bedrooms, especially if you do it matte. It gives it a nice modern look,” she said. “If you did it with a Polar Bear white as an accent, that would give it a nice, clean, airy feeling and make it very modern.”

Night Watch

If nature has been calling your name but you can’t find the time to get away, Night Watch will bring it to you. Dee Schlotter, PPG’s senior color marketing manager, told Consumer Reports that the hue is  “a classic shade of green,” that “resembles the deep green hue found in forests.”

What a Pro Had to Say

Majors noted that Night Watch is PPG’s color of the year for 2019, and for good reason: It packs a punch. “It is a really bold color,” she said. “It would be good for exterior trim, but it can work both inside and outside.”

Cosmic Coral

Pink is said to be an energy-giving color, so Home Depot’s paint color Cosmic Coral by Behr is sure to put a little pep in your step. The statement hue is great for any room in your house that you want to make cheery, and it isn’t so intense that you can’t paint all four walls. Home Depot’s site even suggests using it on the ceiling.

What a Pro Had to Say

“Coral is a pinky color that would be good in a bedroom or bathroom,” said Majors. Since it is so joyful, she said it would be great for a nursery, too. “If you did a yellow or cream to complement it, it would look really nice.”

Bright Hummingbird Yellow

According to decor magazine House Beautiful, yellow is a color that can help increase your concentration and mental focus. Try a vibrant hue like Bright Hummingbird Yellow from PPG’s Diamond line.

What a Pro Had to Say

According to Majors, yellows are really good kitchen paint colors because they help hide grease spatter. “Also, it helps bring out your appetite and actually makes your food look more appetizing when you’re cooking. Fun fact!”

Crimson Red

Go for a deep red like the Crimson Red from Glidden if you want to create an atmosphere that awakens your inner passion. A red space can also help to break “emotional roadblocks” that get in the way of your creativity and self-expression, according to House Beautiful.

What a Pro Had to Say

Crimson red is a bold color, so Majors said it would be best to use as an accent wall, perhaps “behind a fireplace or in your bedroom.” She’s also noticed a trend in customers who gravitate toward this hue. “Reds are energetic, so if a person is upbeat, they tend to go with reds, oranges, yellows — those kinds of colors.” If customers are in a more zen state of mind, she said, “they tend to go with blues, greens, purples.”

Clear Aqua

If you’re looking to build a space where you feel safe, then consider painting that area a shade of aqua. This light blue hue encourages relaxation and trust. Clear Aqua from Behr will surely bring calm to your personal space.

What a Pro Had to Say

According to Majors, Clear Aqua is the perfect bathroom paint color, but you should think carefully about the accent color you choose to pair it with. Different colors will give the room different vibes. “If you want to keep the room looking refreshing, do aqua with white trimming and white filling,” she said. If you want it to feel warmer and more inviting, “you could do an off-white or a yellow-tone white.”

Summer Lily Orange

Orange is a fun color that encourages communication, according to Jane Lockhart, a Toronto-area interior designer. She told Mental Floss that it is a social color that stimulates conversation and recommended using the color for your gym, family room, kitchen or an accent wall in your child’s bedroom. Try Glidden’s Summer Lily Orange with an eggshell finish to get your family buzzing.

What a Pro Had to Say

Majors agreed with Lockhart’s statement that the orange would go great in multiple rooms. “It is pretty versatile,” she said. The eggshell finish is important, especially. “Matte is dry, so it has no sheen to it, which is good when people are painting apartments and things like that and want to hide imperfections fast,” she said. “But, for normal customers, if they’re doing a living room or a bedroom, I tell them to use eggshell because it looks flat but you can still clean the walls. With matte, when you try to clean the walls, it is dry so you’re spreading the dirt rather than picking it up.”

Northern Light Purple

Light purples are great for promoting and building spirituality. Using this as a living room paint color could help foster a sense of unity and understanding among family members. If you’re not sure which purple is exactly right for your home, consider the Northern Light Purple from PPG, available at Home Depot for just over $40 per gallon.


What a Pro Had to Say

According to Majors, Northern Light Purple would also be cute for a bedroom. When it comes to accent colors, either with trim or furniture, she said, “I think a light gray, almost white would keep it cool. Or you could even choose the same purple and make it lighter — adjust it — and use it as an accent.”


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