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11 Things We're Obsessed With This Week, Besides Finding The Perfect Winter Coat

Blame it on Daylight Saving Time, but these darker days have us dreaming of luxurious wool coats and delicious tweed jackets. 

But, in addition to finding the perfect winter coat fromNordstrom’s fall sale, we’re obsessing over a few cozy finds from this week, likea wool scarfto put all other wool scarves to bed,bendy sneakersthat are ideal for travelers and thisface cleanserthat whips up like a marshmallow. 

Check out our favorite finds of the week below:

This oversized wool scarf

It's the wool scarf to end all other wool scarves.

This oversized fringe sweater

Get it here. Plus, ASOS has 25% off select items right now.

Joico's color-balancing purple shampoo

This is seriously a color booster in a bottle for bleached blondes. I'll never use another purple shampoo.

These Lunata Booties by Toms

They're cute, comfortable, and give back. What more could you want out of a new shoe

This long-sleeved dress

It's a flattering design that looks good on everyone. Plus, you don't want to miss Nordstrom's fall sale, going on now until Nov. 12. 

This wool trenchcoat

It's everything you want out of a trench coat: comfortable, stylish, sleek, and actually warm. 

This mid-century sideboard

Though, we're eyeing this beauty for a stylish, storage-friendly TV stand.

This velvet skirtall

For effortless fall mornings

This Fig Fiction roll-on perfume

With notes of amber, vanilla, and florals, this deep scent is great for the cooler months. 

This snowflake whipping cleanser

Use this marshmallow whip maker to whip your favorite face wash into a frothy, fluffy foam. This kit on Amazon comes with the whip maker and the perfect cleanser to create a rich creamy wash. It's definitely fun to use, and it's the perfect gift for the beauty junkie in your life. 

These ultra-bendy sneakers

These Vivo Barefoot running shoes are the lightest sneakers I've ever worn. They're lightweight, comfortable (roomy enough even for us wide-footed folks), and they're made with vegan leather. Their innovative design and takes makes them an excellent choice for practical travelers who need versatile and space-saving purchases. 


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11 Things We're Obsessed With This Week, Besides Nordstrom's Fall Sale

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