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11 Tips To Practice Self Love In 2021: Shared from Adam Roa, Founder of the C.R.E.A.T.E. Community

·6 min read

VANCOUVER, BC / ACCESSWIRE / August 17, 2020 / "Everything in your life is going to be a reflection of how much you love yourself" promises Adam Roa, founder of the online community, C.R.E.A.T.E., which stands for the Collective Renaissance of Education, Art, Transformation, and Entertainment. As a globally recognized spoken word poet and public speaker, Roa promises his audience an assurance that the life they lead will be a reflection of the amount of self-love they choose to practice.

This concept sounds immensely simple in theory, yet in execution, proves to be challenging for the vast majority of people today. What is it that makes the simple act of loving yourself so difficult to practice?

In his recent viral video that's reached close to 200 million views on Facebook, "You Are Who You've Been Looking For", Roa addresses this challenge in saying that, "...love is the answer, love is the key, but if you can't love yourself, how could you ever love me?" Drawing attention to the issue many face when failing to build their life based on self-love. Akin to the cliche example of building a home on sand, the emotions of self-worthlessness and self-contempt provide a foundation for negative manifestation that a life comprised of love should never be built on.

With staggering evidence suggesting that society today is comprised of individuals with low self-esteem who cannot express self-love and self-compassion, it can be daunting to be faced with the task of obtaining self-love. For this reason, Adam Roa has broken down the act of self-love into 11 tips to help encourage daily practice. These 11 tips are not daunting nor unachievable, but are easily within reach, demonstrating how accessible self-love can be when approached one tip-at-a-time.


1. Meditate

"Self-love is the result of the relationship you have with yourself. There's no greater way to get to know yourself than to sit quietly and breathe. What thoughts and emotions come up? How comfortable can you be when you're by yourself?" - Adam

2. Exercise

"The psychological and physiological benefits of exercise are well documented. Another important factor that isn't as regularly discussed, however, is that exercise is a way of telling yourself that YOU ARE WORTH IT. Making it a habit is a way of consistently reminding yourself that no matter what, you care about YOU." -Adam

3. Cook

"You are what you eat, right? So how much of your food is prepared with love? The act of cooking is a great way to ensure that the energy you put into your body comes with a sense of self-worth and appreciation." -Adam

4. Stretch

"The limitations to your flexibility are indications of your energetic limitations. By stretching, you begin to open up more space for self-love to flow in. I recommend that you give intentional gratitude to the body parts you're stretching at the same time." - Adam

5. Mirror Work

"When you look in the mirror are your first thoughts positive or negative? For most people, it's the latter. My viral poem "You Are Who You've Been Looking For" advises you to take a good long look in the mirror and I can't stress enough how important it is to do this and say positive affirmations to yourself. A simple "I Love You" repeated 1-2 minutes, to yourself FROM yourself, can be a game-changer." - Adam

6. Take A Bath

"Water has been used throughout time in sacred rituals because of its incredible cleansing power and ability to hold energy. Submerging your body is a terrific way to reset after a tough day or celebrate yourself for a good one." -Adam

7. Let Out A Scream

"One of the most common reasons our emotions get stuck in our bodies is because we don't provide them the outlet to move. Our voices are a powerful way to get them moving. Whether it's outside, into a pillow, or alone in your room, a solid primal scream/yell can be incredibly cathartic." - Adam

8. Sing

"While we are talking about the voice, we can't forget about singing. With so many of us growing up thinking that we don't have good singing voices, the act of expressing through song is like giving a big hug to our inner child. It's not about getting it right or sounding good, but about letting ourselves be heard by the world." - Adam

9. Listen To A Podcast

"It feels great to learn something new. That experience of knowing you've just expanded in some new way. In today's modern era, podcasts are one of the best ways to gain access to experts and knowledge in any area that interests you. If you like my perspectives, you'll enjoy my podcast, ‘The Deep Dive with Adam Roa'". - Adam

10. Dance

"Your body houses your stored unconscious beliefs and anytime you can pair movement with self-love, you're programming your unconscious at a very deep level. Dancing is a terrific way to let your body (and your unconscious) speak freely. Pick some songs that activate your emotions to truly heighten the experience." - Adam

11. Massage Yourself

"For most people, physical touch is a critical component for emotional wellbeing. So why do so few people do this for themselves? Spend some time appreciating your body with some loving touch. Do this in a bath for bonus points :)" - Adam

Food for thought

Psychologists have devised a variety of reasons as to why society struggles with practicing self-love. Among these reasons are two dominant explanations. The first being that social media and advertising campaigns provide a constant platform for comparison that generates emotions of inadequacy, which Roa recognizes in saying that humankind listens to "This lie that they keep telling you that YOU ARE NOT ENOUGH."

The second is that of negative bias, referring to humanity's innate tendency to "...attend to, learn from, and use negative information far more than positive information." In other words, humankind is constantly comparing themselves to others, opting to allow the negative emotions of these comparisons to resonate over the positive ones.

Feelings of inadequacy that combat the integral practice of self-love are synthetic creations derived by others that seek to benefit from negative comparisons. It's a trap not worth falling for. "That is why self-love is so important - everything in your life is going to reflect back you - literally all of it is a reflection of how deeply you're able to love yourself" stresses Roa, reinforcing the importance of learning to love yourself in the pursuit of a life worth falling in love with. For those in need of an auditory reminder, Roa's Podcast, The Deep Dive, encourages his listeners to practice acts of self-love on a daily, pulling on expert guest opinions on how to best do so.

Let's all love ourselves much more, and compare much less.

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