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111, Inc. Launched Lung Cancer Patient Care Program "Cloud Enabled Lung Cancer Care by Great Doctors" for Full Life-cycle Management of Tumor

·6 mins read

SHANGHAI, July 27, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Aiming to provide better health management services to lung cancer patients, "Cloud Enabled Lung Cancer Care by Great Doctors" was officially launched in Shanghai on July 25, 2020. The lung cancer patient care program (the "Program"), spearheaded by China Primary Health Care Foundation and co-hosted by Beijing Life Oasis Public Service Center, attracted the participation of 20 domestic and world-renowned lung cancer pharmaceutical and medical equipment companies. The Program offers diagnostic and treatment services including science popularization, medication guides, online consultation, follow-up consultation and clinic visitation support for lung cancer patients via a full life-cycle doctor-patient interaction platform. The platform is to be established and operated by 111, Inc. ("111"), a leading online healthcare company in China.

The Program adopts the "internet + healthcare" model with the goals of improving the efficiency of medical service delivery and the quality of survival of patients through systematic, professional and personalized multi-dimensional behavioral intervention for lung cancer patients," said Liu Xiaopeng, Secretary-General of the Life Oasis Public Service Center of China Primary Health Care Foundation – a representative of hosts of the Program.

Prof. Jiang Liyan, Director of the Pulmonary Tumor Committee of China Medicine Education Association, said, "The lung cancer patient care program helps doctors to test and track the medical conditions of patients, which in turn, facilitates the establishment of a standardized management database with accumulation of patients' medical information and a vast array of continuously updated and vetted treatment guidelines from the deep experience of clinicians in field of lung cancer in China. The patient management platform is a good start for China to set up its own normative lung cancer management model."

According to Chief Innovation Officer Anfeng Guo of 111, lung cancer patients have been facing challenges in gaining access to timely, professional and personalized management services such as diagnosis and treatment during the continuation phase, in particularly when they are at home. 111 will leverage its online healthcare operational experience and new technology application to set up an efficient and one-stop digital service platform for the Program to empower lung cancer management for the benefits of lung cancer patients.

Supported by the platform, many patient services have been migrated from offline to online. Digitalization, visualization and non-contact are biggest features and advantages.

For patients, the Program removes the inherent limits of time and space in accessing to professional services, hence achieving rapid, efficient interaction between patients and attending physicians. Meanwhile, the virtual visits and consultation during the pandemic outbreak lowers the risk of infection caused by low immunity.

For clinicians, gathering data of single-disease cancer patients in a single digital platform will significantly reduce patient's management cost, improve service efficiency and accumulate patients' data to further enhance clinical research. Data structuring and quantification can help doctors to understand conditions of patients and assist them in prediction, diagnosis and treatment.

For pharmaceutical companies, the platform can improve patients' medication compliance, enhance treatment effectiveness, and strengthen the competitiveness of products in the treatment process.

As an online healthcare pioneer and leader, 111 has had an enormous pool of patients with chronic diseases accumulated over the course of past ten years. Driven by new technologies like smart supply chain, cloud solutions, big data and AI, 111 has been focusing on the upgrade and innovation of its service model and continuous enhancement of its chromic disease management services. Participation in the Program is a significant move for 111 to enhance its single-disease cancer management services and also marks a key milestone to further enrich its chronic disease management services.

Dr. Yu Gang, Co-Founder and Executive Chairman of 111, pointed out that 111 has successfully launched fully digitalized and smart healthcare management service that centers on patients with the goals of empowering doctors through connecting patients and doctors with internet technology. It is an innovation of 111 in online healthcare and also a new move for 111 to drive its strategic initiative in drug commercialization for pharmaceutical companies, especially in cancer drugs, leveraging on its competitive advantage in smart healthcare supply chain resources.

Looking into the future, 111 will continue to leverage on its integrated healthcare platform that combines both offline and online resources to launch solutions for the omni-channel commercialization of drugs; further broaden and deepen full life-cycle management solutions for patients; improve medical service efficiency and quality of survival of patients, and fulfil the mission of connecting patients, drugs and medical services with digital technology.

Ranks as the first in morbidity and mortality among various kinds of cancers, lung cancer is the "number one killer" threatening lives and health no matter in China or in the world1. According to the latest China Malignant Tumor Morbidity and Mortality Analysis Report released by the National Cancer Center, there were 2.09 million new lung cancer cases worldwide in 2018, of which Asia accounted for over 50%. Meanwhile, lung cancer caused 1.76 million deaths globally in 2018, higher than combined deaths caused by breast cancer, colorectal cancer and prostatic cancer.

The World Health Organization once estimated that China will have over 1 million new lung cancer cases a year by 20252. Currently, the five-year survival rate in China is only 16.1%3. In recent years, with continuous technological breakthroughs in new treatments, the survival period of lung cancer patients saw continuous extension and lung cancer turned into a "controllable chromic disease" from an "incurable disease". It is foreseeable that lung cancer prevention and treatment will be an important public health issue with huge market potential in China in the future.


1. GLOBOCAN 2018 published by the official journal of American Cancer Society

2. World Cancer Report 2014 by the World Health Organization

3. Public data by the National Cancer Center

About 111, Inc.

111, Inc. (NASDAQ: YI) ("111" or the "Company") is a Company dedicated to digitally connecting patients with drugs and healthcare services in China. The Company provides hundreds of millions of consumers with better access to pharmaceutical products and medical services directly through its online retail pharmacy and indirectly through its offline pharmacy network. 111 also offers online medical services through its internet hospital, 1 Clinic, which provides consumers with cost-effective and convenient online consultation and electronic prescription services. In addition to providing direct services to consumers through its online retail pharmacy, 111 also enables offline pharmacies to better serve their customers. The Company's online wholesale pharmacy, 1 Drug Mall, serves as a one-stop shop for pharmacies to source a vast selection of pharmaceutical products. The Company's New Retail platform, by integrating the front and back ends of the pharmaceutical supply chain, has formed a smart supply chain, which transforms the flow of pharmaceutical products to pharmacies and modernizes how they serve their customers.

For more information on 111, please visit: http://ir.111.com.cn/.

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Investor Relations

Email: ir@111.com.cn

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Media Relations

Email: press@111.com.cn

Phone: +86-021-2053 6666 (China)

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Email: 111.ir@gcm.international


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