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12 Antiques Around Your Home That Could Be Worth a Lot of Money

Rafael Tenorio / Getty Images/iStockphoto
Rafael Tenorio / Getty Images/iStockphoto

You could be sitting on a gold mine and not even know it. Certain antiques, such as old comic books, coins, dolls, furniture and cultural memorabilia, could be worth quite a lot of money if they’re in good condition or still functional.

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So, if you have a lot of seemingly random items lying around your home, you might want to think twice before tossing them out with next week’s trash. Some of them could be incredibly valuable. Here are the top 12 antiques that people have that are actually worth a decent amount of cash.

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Cultural Memorabilia

“Items like old concert posters, vintage event tickets or even early advertising materials can hold significant value,” said Skyler Fernandes, a seasoned financial advisor and founder of Finally Fund Admin. “These pieces of cultural ephemera capture moments in time and often have a dedicated collector base.”

If you have some of these items and they’re in good condition, you might want to sell them. You can do so through collector fairs, specialized online platforms or social media groups.

Dolls and Paintings

You’d be surprised at how much antique dolls and vintage paintings are worth when you find the right buyer.

“Dolls and paintings can be two of the most lucrative antiques you might have around your home without even realizing it,” said Andre Kazimierski, CEO of Improovy Painters Chicago. “Dolls especially, since many people might have these from childhood still in reasonably good condition. Same with paintings — if you have pieces from known painters, even if you think they’re probably not worth anything, [they’re] worth checking.”

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First-Edition Books or Rare Books

“First edition books from well-known authors are another area where you might have some success, in my experience,” said Kazimierski. While first-edition books can definitely count, they’re not the only antiquated books that can be worth money. Rare titles, such as those with very few existing printed copies, can also be valuable.

“Look through your bookshelves for manuscripts or rare or first editions. Collectible books might include limited editions, signed copies by authors and books from certain genres or eras,” said Nick Whitfield, CEO of City Unscripted. “To find out the market value of these literary gems, speak with appraisers or rare book merchants. Offering these rare treasures for sale through respectable auction houses or specialty bookstores may draw in customers prepared to pay a premium.”

Comic Books

Don’t forget about old comic books! These can be worth a pretty penny. too. Timothy Connon, founder of Paramount Quote Insurance Advisors, suggested keeping an eye out for comic books from the 1970s or earlier as these can be especially valuable.

You can sell comic books on specialty websites like “Sell My Comic Books” or at Heritage Auctions.

Antique Furniture

“Antique furniture, dating back to the 18th and 19th centuries, represents a lucrative market for sellers seeking substantial returns,” said Farah Kim, head of marketing at WinPure. “Delve into this niche by sourcing well-preserved gems like Victorian wardrobes, Chippendale chairs or intricately carved wooden tables.”

The condition, construction, rarity and historical significance of these items all factor into the overall value. As with any other antiques you have lying around, do your research before trying to find a buyer. That way, you’ll get the most out of your sale.

Scientific Tools and Instruments

Certain antiquated scientific instruments and tools can be valuable as well, especially if they boast superior craftsmanship or are still in working order. “Antique scientific instruments, laboratory equipment or vintage tools can appeal to collectors with a passion for history and craftsmanship,” said Fernandes. “Microscopes, sextants or early surveying tools are examples of items that might be hidden gems.”

You may be able to sell these household antiques through online marketplaces, universities or research institutions.

Rare China and Porcelain

If you have high-quality porcelain or china figurines or dishes at home, they could be worth something. This especially applies to antiques in good condition from manufacturers such as Wedgwood or Meissen.

“Explore the market for vases, dinnerware sets or figurines in impeccable condition, as such pieces tend to captivate discerning collectors,” said Kim. And, as always, do some research or get your items appraised to see what they’re truly worth.

Technology Relics

You might think they’re obsolete, but certain technology relics like vintage typewriters, rotary phones, early calculators or retro gaming consoles can actually be worth a lot of money. Fernandes suggested checking out dedicated forums, niche online communities, and specialty tech auctions to see if what you have is valuable.

Art and Ornamental Items

“Valuable assets may include artwork and ornamental pieces with artistic or historical significance,” said Sol Kruk, a licensed home inspector and owner of Property Inspection Pros. “Look around your house for any ornamental items, paintings or sculptures that might be antiques or have artistic value.”

You can get these antiques appraised to determine whether they’re authentic and their approximate value. You can then sell them at online marketplaces, art auctions or galleries.

Vintage Toys and Collectibles

“Toys from childhood or vintage items might be very valuable to collectors. Look for comic novels, board games or antique action figures that collectors might be interested in,” said Michael Hurwitz, CEO of Careers in Government.

Online marketplaces, specialty shops or auctions could be great options if you’re looking to sell these antiques. Again, just be sure to do your research or get them appraised first to make sure you’re getting the most money possible.

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