• S&P 500

    -61.53 (-1.43%)
  • Dow 30

    -439.77 (-1.32%)
  • Nasdaq

    -254.60 (-1.91%)
  • Russell 2000

    -30.80 (-1.75%)
  • Crude Oil

    +0.53 (+0.60%)
  • Gold

    -6.10 (-0.33%)
  • Silver

    -0.04 (-0.19%)

    -0.0002 (-0.0210%)
  • 10-Yr Bond

    +0.1100 (+2.35%)
  • Vix

    +2.55 (+14.48%)

    +0.0000 (+0.0036%)

    -0.9540 (-0.6367%)

    -532.85 (-1.91%)
  • CMC Crypto 200

    -5.71 (-0.97%)
  • FTSE 100

    -40.56 (-0.54%)
  • Nikkei 225

    -521.94 (-1.64%)

12 paid iPhone apps on sale for free today

An app that grabs still photos from your videos... an app that will help you manage your finances... an app that will block every mention of Donald Trump from your phone... all this and more can be found in today's list of paid iPhone and iPad apps on sale for free. And if the 12 apps we've dug up for you today aren't enough, be sure to check out the remaining sales in yesterday's post.

HUGE LEAK: This is our first look at a real iPhone 7

These are paid iPhone and iPad apps that have been made available for free for a limited time by their developers. There is no way to tell how long they will be free. These sales could end an hour from now or a week from now — obviously, the only thing we can guarantee is that they were free at the time this post was written. If you click on a link and see a price listed next to an app instead of the word “get,” it is no longer free. The sale has ended. If you download the app, you will be charged.

Video to Photo Grabber

Video to Photo Grabber
Video to Photo Grabber

Normally $1.99.

Video to Photo Grabber is an easy way to extract high quality photos from recorded videos on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

Videos can be loaded directly from Camera Roll to the Video to Photo Grabber app, then you can inspect the video frame by frame and pick up the one you like to save as still image. The photo will be saved at the same resolution as the source video. For iPhone5, iPhone 4S, the new iPad,iPad mini, the still frame photo has a resolution of 1920x1080, just like a 200M pixels digital camera.


*Very Easy to use
Just select the video file you want to extract, then browse the video frame by frame by swiping the film. Tap to capture the great moment and save a still photo.
*Fast locate the frame
You can play the video, pause, fast forward and backward to easily locate the frame you want to save as photo.
*Built-in photo editor with powerful photo editing functions

How can the App help?

* The photo & video modes switching could be cumbersome.

With the Video to Photo Grabber App, you can simply choose to take a video when you hesitate which to choose. As Video to Photo can help you easily extract any static photos or images from the video.
* The traditional point-and-shoot way could be too slow sometimes.

Video to Photo helps you take better pictures of fast moving objects (cars, sports, dance , exciting baby and so on). With Video to Photo Grabber app you can take up to 1,800 pictures a minute, you will certainly have a better chance of getting excellent candidate shoots than you would with the regular iPhone camera.

* Recover Photos from Recorded Videos

Sometimes you want to take a photo, but you may have been forgetful and leave your iPhone cameras set to video. Video to Photo Grabber app helps you recover photos from the recorded videos.
* Extract the Best Photos from Videos
You can browse the video frame by frame to get the best scenery and the exact moment you need. You can extract up to 30 different pictures of a one second video recorded with your iPhone or iPad and save them as 1080p full HD pictures.

* Taking a great photo of yourself

If you use the front camera for easier use, you will find it is difficult to get the right angle, what's worse you have no way to take full body pictures without help, let alone taking photos with your family or friends. With Video to Photo Grabber App, you can prop your iPhone up, shoot a video of yourself and your family or friends. You can export any photo suits you best afterwards.
* Powerful Photo Editing Features

Before saving the images, you have the opportunity to edit them. For example, you can crop the image, add text to image, add stickers to image, rotate/flip image, etc. There a plenty of other enhancements and effects you can easily touch to apply. You can also adjust image brightness, contrast, saturation, sharpness to output high quality images.

* Easy Photo Sharing Features

You can export images to Camera Roll, email the photos, share via iTunes File-Sharing, print them out, open in with other apps, etc.

Download Video to Photo Grabber

Lock Notes Pro

Lock Notes Pro
Lock Notes Pro

Normally $2.99.


Keep your most valuable, private, and secret notes away from prying eyes. Keep them all totally secret and safe. Store passwords, secrets, contacts or just keep your diary private.


• Use Touch ID or passcode to safely lock access to your private notes.
• Set a security question and answer in case you forget your passcode.
• Safely Backup your valuable notes to iCloud.
• Quickly Sync notes between iPhone & iPad with iCloud.
• Sort notes list by name, date or manual.
• Select notes font style and size.
• Insert images & photos into notes.
• Print your notes.
• Send notes via text message or email.
• Save notes to Camera Roll.
• Support for Emoji Emoticons.

Download Lock Notes Pro

Trump Trump

Trump Trump
Trump Trump

Normally $0.99.

Enjoy Trump-free web browsing. Trump Trump is a content blocker that filters out links, websites and photos that contain the word Trump.

Instantly vanish Trump-related content from the web. Trump Trump integrates directly into Safari, so you do not need to change anything about the way you browse the web. Simply enable Trump Trump and you will see how photos, images and links related to the Trump keyword disappear. Trump Trump also blocks website URLs that contain the Trump keywords, so if you accidentally follow a link to one of these sites, you will only see a blank page.

In addition to working in Safari, Trump Trump also works in certain apps that use Safari Webkit for web browsing. Trump Trump does NOT work in apps such as Facebook for iOS or Twitter for iOS. However, it will work if you access these services via the Safari web browser.

LIMITATIONS: Trump Trump is intended for entertainment purposes only. It has been tested on a large number of websites. It will dramatically reduce your exposure to Trump-related content. However, it cannot block 100% of the Trump content on 100% of the websites. It may also affect the display of some web content that may mistakenly identify as Trump-related.

DISCLAIMER: Reference to any celebrity, person, product, name or trademark is for descriptive purposes only and does not constitute or imply sponsorship or endorsement.

Download Trump Trump



Normally $0.99.

Coyn — Simple, Secure, and Stylish way to manage your cash balance. Introducing new feature: Coyn Share.
• Manage your money like it’s no one else’s business.
• A brand new experience to manage your daily expenses.
• Be the only one who tracks your cash expenditures and earnings.
• Traveling a lot? No problem! use Coyn to track all your cash expenditures and focus on your adventures!
• Never lose track of where and how you spent your cash.
• Improve your financial wellness by defining budget and meeting the goals.

- Introducing Coyn Share, now you can share your expenses with anyone.
- Premium users to have Unlimited Accounts to manage their cash balance.
- 3D Touch feature allowing users to add expense/ earning quickly and also see the balance instantly.
- Premium users can see their expense and income balance for each accounts using the 3D Touch features.
- Secure your Coyn using your finger print.

Use Coyn Share to:
- Manage expenses from your road trip with friends
- Report your business expenditures to your boss
- Pay your electricity/ rent to your roommate
- Split bills at the restaurant
- or simply pay your friend for that cold beer!

-"Keep your cash and your Coyn in your pocket."

Coyn is all about efficiency. We spent days and nights testing the usability of Coyn so that you can experience the most unique user-interface and enjoy managing your cash. Simply swipe up to add expenses and swipe down to add income!

Coyn respects your privacy and will never allow your data to be posted to any websites, bank accounts, or cloud services. We don't require you to log in or add your bank accounts. With Coyn you can focus on saving money and being on top of your cash expenditures and earnings and stop worrying about privacy and accounts FOREVER!
You can customize all categories and set target budget to make sure you are on top of your financials.
Coyn is the most powerful tool for anyone who uses cash for daily expenses or even have cash incomes (gift cards, pocket money, etc.) it will help you track your cash activities and keep the records only to yourself.
If you travel with cash or want to track business vs. personal expenses Coyn would be your best friend!

Download Coyn

IQ Test

IQ Test
IQ Test

Normally $2.99.

IQ Test
With solutions!

Available for iPad and iPhone.

2 Tests
+39 Questions Mensa iq test.
+33 Questions European iq test.

With solutions!

An intelligence quotient (IQ) is a score derived from one of several standardized tests designed to assess intelligence. The abbreviation "IQ" comes from the German term Intelligenz-Quotient, originally coined by psychologist William Stern.
Try it.

NOTE: This test is intended for entertainment purposes only.

Download IQ Test



Normally $3.99.

Download the Skycatch COMMANDER iOS app to transform your DJI drone into a professional mapping tool. Easily create high resolution 2D maps & 3D models.

Fully compatible with: DJI Phantom 3 (Advanced, Pro), Phantom 4, Inspire 1, and Inspire 1 Pro . Use your iPhone 5 and newer, and all sizes of iPad.

Safely fly your mission with just a few taps — no professional experience required. Skycatch COMMANDER activates your DJI drone for automatic take-off, flight, image capture and landing. Upload your images to the cloud for processing into 2D & 3D models, which can easily be viewed, analyzed, and shared using the Skycatch Dashboard.

For over three years our customers in construction, mining, utilities, and energy have used aerial data daily to save time, money, and reduce costs and common oversight. Now you can too.

>>> "Using Skycatch tools helps increase field productivity related to material staging and site logistics by up to 3 hours per week.” — Scott W, DPR Construction

Use this app for a wide range of jobs:
- Surveying and volume measurements.
- Track progress on a job site.
- Make better logistics plans with an aerial map.

How Skycatch COMMANDER works:
- Outline the area you want to map and let COMMANDER take care of the rest (altitude, airspeed, waypoints, routing, image overlap).
- Autonomously takeoff, fly, and land; upload images to the cloud where Skycatch processes the data for you.
- Post-flight — view, analyze, and share your data in the Skycatch Dashboard: share annotations, overlay BIM & CAD files, and more.

Key features:
- Guidance provided in-app at every step — no professional experience required.
- Quick flight execution: outline the area to be mapped, upload the mission to the drone, monitor its progress.
- You set the output resolution — the app calculates waypoints, altitude, speed, and overlap automatically.
- Flight direction control: modify the direction/heading of flight path; use this to set the direction of flight relative to wind, terrain, obstacles!
- Multi-flight missions — plan the entire area once. After battery swap, tap Continue to pick up right where you left off.
- Live video feed – see live video feed from the drone's camera.
- Summary flight stats – keep track of your work with shareable total stats on number flights, flight time, acres mapped, and number of photos captured. Share with clients and teammates via social media and email.
- Automated map processing in the cloud.
- Access completed maps directly from your iPhone and iPad.
- Save mission plans and avoid re-planning — perfect for multiple sites and recurring data capture.

Skycatch gives you the power to capture aerial data and create actionable intelligence to help people operate faster, safer, and smarter than ever before.

Download Skycatch COMMANDER

Real Metronome Pro

Real Metronome Pro
Real Metronome Pro

Normally $1.99.

▼ Improve your sense of rhythm ! ▼

Brand new metronome - very simple and pleasant to use. It includes two types of metronomes: classical and digital.

◆◆◆ Main features ◆◆◆
◉ Real pendulum animation
◉ Ergonomic touch interface
◉ All popular time signatures
◉ Awesome pulsating animation
◉ 9 different sound sets
◉ High accuracy

Download Real Metronome Pro



Normally $1.99.

Air-Photos is a wifi photo Viewer lets you direct view your photos from your computer without sync.

Do you think that is very troublesome to import photos from your computer,especially when you have to keep updating photos?
Is it not enough memory to hold your thousands of photos?
Wish to direct view photos form your computer without synchronization?

And it is also a photo sharing app ,let you share photo to others over wifi.

The features :
1.View photos on you pc without sync over wifi.
2.Slideshow,Browse thumbnails,Zoom Photo ,Drag to view next.
3.Support Ram Image (.NEF .RC2)
4.Download photos from pc,view photos offline.
5.Share photos as a website.That you can access you photos over web browser.
6.Share photo to another device as a AirPhotoServer.That others can use Air-Photos to access your photos.
7.Automatically discover available servers on the network.
8.support set password for each image folder
9.support save photo to camera roll
10.support share camera roll
11.support air-Print ,twitter photo
12.support web upload
13.Support new iPad.
14.Support iPhone5
15.Suport External Display(Airplay Mirroring)
16.This version has a ad bar.
Instructions for use :
AirPhotoServer on your PC computer:
1.Go to Http://www.airphotohd.com(or Http://download.airphotohd.com) download and install AirPhotoServer on your computer
2.Start the AirPhotoServer
3.Tap Image Folders and select the Photo folders which you want to browse

Air-Photos on you mobile device:
1. Download this application to mobile device
2. Ensure that your mobile device and your computer in the same wifi network
3. Start the Air-Photos and start browsing

Download Air-Photos



Normally $1.99.

SlideSync lets you present, record, take notes, and share documents across iOS devices without the need of any internet connection.

NOTE: SlideSync currently only supports PDF documents

Simply just open the same documents on multiple iOS devices, and watch the magic happen. No connection, no pairing, it's almost like wizardry!

SlideSync is for everyone. Whether you give presentations at conferences regularly; review documents with clients; or enjoy reading storybooks to your kids, SlideSync is for you!

*Even though we require Location Services for the sync to work, we do not actually use or track your location. So start syncing!

SlideSync Features:
- No Internet? No Problem! Sync slides without any connection
- One-to-many slide syncing - we don't know how many yet, but it's big!
- Dropbox and Google Drive integration for easy file downloading
- Record a presentation and watch it later
- Take and review quick notes
- Share files between iOS devices with AirDrop (again, no Internet needed)
- Collision detection for multiple people presenting the same file simultaneously
- 16 Channels for avoiding collisions.
- Bilingual: Currently supports English and Chinese. More to come.

Download SlideSync

Color Bills

Color Bills
Color Bills

Normally $0.99.

You can keep a bill in 10 seconds by using this app.

This app is designed for keeping daily bills,it's different from traditional financial app:

1.It only focus on recording consumption, no other useless features, and no advertising;

2.It does not use the network or send data to the server, it mostly protects the user's privacy;

3.It runs fast,and user hardly feel any delay.
However, the biggest feature of this app is simple:

1.It has a simple interface and calendar-style data and global charts;

2.It has no complex types like other traditional accounting app,but only the color type, user can define their own types for colors, such as green for food consumption, and blue represents traffic consumption and so on;

3.It has a convenient feature is the input,It not only can automatically calculate the number or expression, but also can define user's input keyboard.

1.You can view the consumption recorded in weeks, months or years;

2.In the home page,"Daily" is average consumption in the last 10 days,and "Weekly" is average consumption in the last 6 weeks,and "Monthly" is average consumption in the last 4 months,and "Yearly" is average consumption in the last 3 years;

3.If the day(week/month/year) consumption over 100%(75%/50%/25%) of the average consumption,it will be warned by red text color;

4.Tap "%" button in chart can watch the proportion of consumption trends in each colors;

5.You can send the bills by email in chart view;

6.You can split the bill by using newline while editting;

7.You can ues "*","X" or "x" for multiplication symbol, for example: "2*(3+4)" is equals to "2x(3+4)" and "2(3+4)";

8.The result of expression will appear in the bottom right corner, you can tap it to replace the expression;

9.The numbers and expression will be accumulated in one bill, for example: "apple 10, banana 2x2",the result is 14;

10.The wrong expression can not be accumulated;

11.The numbers after symbol "#" can not be accumulated in one line, for example: "apple 15 #123",the result is 15, "123" is not accumulated;

12.Tap the color number in the home page will add a bill in the same color;

13.When editting the bill,the color of consumption value and "save" button is the type color, and it can be changed.

14.The button "Left" and "Right" in the app can be instead of swipe gesture;

15.The search results display 200 bills at most,but it does not affect the statistics;

16.If you only input space into the search box, it will search all the bills;

17.Three round buttons in the bottom right corner of the calendar are used to jump the month of "first day","selected day" and "today";

18.No Ad.

Download Color Bills

Lose Weight Fast

Lose Weight Fast
Lose Weight Fast

Normally $3.99.

*** Download & Start Losing Weight Today!***

Created by A Fellow with the National Board of Certified Clinical Hypnotherapists!

Featured on the Discovery Channel!

BONUS - Autosuggestion reinforcement audio helps you to stay on track all day long …listen when walking, jogging, driving or even at work!

Simply put, no other weight loss hypnosis program even comes close to the effectiveness of this program.

5- Rapid Weight Loss Sessions!

1. Lose Weight Now
2. Get a Perfect Body
3. Think Thin
4. Stay On Your Diet
5. Improve Portion Control
Download & Lose Weight Now!
Have you been trying to lose weight, but have trouble letting go of old habits? These 5-powerful but relaxing hypnosis will give you everything you need to easily and effortlessly replace negative old habits with positive new ones. You will easily choose smaller portions and pay more attention to your body's signals. Together with Seth Deborah, begin your weight loss journey today!
App Features:
**Accelerated Weight Loss Hypnosis program with 5- powerful sessions.
**Reinforcement audios

Download & Start Losing Weight Today!

Download Lose Weight Fast



Normally $3.99.

● Great app for vintage filters!
Edit Vintage style photos in high resolution with Retro filters and effects!

● 1 - offers numerous professionally designed filters and effects, many more than any other photo apps. You can apply the effects even before you take a photo, or after, as you like.

● Take photo with Retro WITH filters and effects applied!
1 comes with chic and deep filters and effects that just turn your photos to pop!
Your night out in the city, the great view from your trip and amazing meal you had will become more memorable with 1 Vintage classy filters and effects!

● 1 comes with many trendy filters you can choose from too!

● Amazing real-time vintage filters and effects. Best alternative to 1 you can find.

● All Vintage Fx
- Leak Fx
- Film Fx
- Retro Fx
- Heart Symbol Fx
- Star Symbol Fx
- Music Symbol Fx
- Space Fx
- Party Fx
- Galaxy Fx
- Flare Fx

● Additional features
- Easy Adjust realtime filters
- Easy Share picture on social Facebook,Twitter,Instagram,Flickr

Download 1

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