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Processed Foods Companies Try to Convince You Are Natural

Ashley Lutz

A recent Associated Press story revealed how companies are fighting to make their foods appear more natural.

"Food companies are responding to the adage that people eat with their eyes," writes Candice Choi at the AP. "Americans still love their fast food and packaged snacks, but they're increasingly turning their noses up at foods that look overly processed."

Companies have responded by developing technology and preparation methods designed to make packaged food seem natural.

From lunch meat to burgers, see what they're doing.

1. Domino's asks workers not to make the rectangles on its "artisan" pizzas too perfect.

The pizzas are supposed seem "rustic," even though the dough is the same Domino's uses for normal pies, according to the AP.

2. McDonald's makes the Egg White Delight sandwich's egg look jagged and irregular.

This is supposed to make the sandwich seem more wholesome than the regular Egg McMuffin, the AP reports.

3. Kraft Foods worked hard to make the turkey from its "carving board" line look uneven.

The technology took two years to develop, according to the AP.

4. Wendy's softened the edges of its hamburger patties to make them seem less processed.

The "natural square" is supposed to make consumers feel like the beef is fresher, the AP reports.

5. Subway's "oven-roasted chicken" comes to stores already cooked and prepared.

The chicken is injected with water, fillers, and preservatives, according to MoneyWatch. Employees soak it in hot water to thaw before preparing.

6. Hillshire Farm added caramel coloring to the edges of its turkey lunchmeat.

The coloring was supposed to "give the impression that it was just sliced from a Thanksgiving roast," according to the AP.

7. McDonald's has four distinct shapes for its Chicken McNuggets.

The bone, ball, bell, and boot shapes make consumers feel like they're not eating homogeneous product.

8. Many burger patties arrive at fast food restaurants with the grill marks already charred on.

The grill marks are often made in a factory, according to Reader's Digest. Workers simply reheat the burgers on grills to thaw.

9. Burger King's "Tendergrill Chicken Breast Fillet" has dozens of ingredients.

They include "chicken powder," caramel color, and preservatives, according to Natural News.