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Dota 2’s Wisp gets Battle Pass-exclusive Portal Companion Cube Arcana skin, Valve to make so much money

Io the Wisp is taking some cosplay tips from Portal’s Companion Cube (Valve)

If Valve knows how to do anything, it’s make a serious amount of cash by selling cosmetics in their games. The latest scheme to print themselves some money is an Arcana for Io in Dota 2. Not just any Arcana, either. The skin turns everyone’s favorite wisp into a Companion Cube.

Yes, that beloved “character” from the Portal series has inspired Wisp’s new look.

The Arcana comes with everything you’d expect from Dota 2’s highest tier of cosmetics, from custom animations (its Relocate looks like Portal portals), to death effects (a real heartbreaker), to sound effects.

Unlike previous Arcana sets, the Io set can’t be purchased from the store. Instead, it will have to be earned by reaching level 245 in the 2017 International Battle Pass. So get out there and find your Companion, folks. It won’t be around for long.

The International 2017 kicks off on August 7 at the KeyArena in Seattle. For more, head over to the Yahoo Esports Dota 2 hub.

Taylor Cocke doesn’t even play Io, but damnit if he’s not getting that Arcana. Follow him on Twitter @taylorcocke.