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This perfectly sized and precisely-designed titanium ribcage was 3D-printed for a 54-year-old man in Spain last month. (Photo: CSIRO / Anatomics)

13 Body Parts You Won’t Believe Can Be Created Using a 3D Printer

Daniel Bean
Assistant Editor
Yahoo Tech

3D printing: It’s not just for making kitschy paper weights anymore.

Beyond its new-found applications in both food and firearms production, 3D printed objects are allowing medical researchers to build better prosthetics and replacement body parts — from ears and noses to legs, hip joints, and even faces. 

Last month, for example, doctors implanted a precisely crafted, 3D-printed titanium ribcage into to a cancer patient. 

See in our slideshow above how, beyond mere proof-of-concept, 3D printing in the health field has and is being used to actually make a difference in people’s lives.

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