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12. Bloxels Builder

Bloxels lets you design video games using plastic blocks. Yes, really. Plug each colored block into a 10-by-10 grid, snap a picture of it with your tablet, then test how well your layout works inside the Bloxels app. When you’re ready to publish, the app adds graphics and other visual details. Bloxels Builder will be available in August for $50.

13 More Totally Awesome Finds From Toy Fair 2015

Dan Tynan
Yahoo Tech

We came, we saw, we played.

Attending the 112th annual International Toy Fair is like spending two days in the world’s biggest playroom. More than 40,000 toys were on display, everything from dolls, puzzles, and trains to robots, dinosaurs, and drones.

WATCH: The 7 Coolest Toys of Toy Fair 2015

Here’s a slideshow featuring a few of our favorites. Some are old classics re-imagined for the digital age. Others are new concepts on the cutting edge of tech. And some are, well, just strange.

Correction: The Dino Pet in slide #2 is made of clear plastic, not glass. Yahoo Tech regrets the error.

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