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13 Sassy Wedding Handkerchiefs That Are More Salty Than Sweet

If you’re in need of a littleweddingday present that isn’t totally corny (sorry, “bride tribe” tank tops, we’re looking at you), look no further than the sassy wedding handkerchief.

It appears all sweet and lacy at first glance, but packs a pretty hilarious punch. Below, 13 cheeky options that are perfect for your partner, bridal party or family members who can take a joke.

Buy it from WrenBirdArts for $18.
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Buy it from WrenBirdArts for $16.
Buy it from HookAndHoop on Etsy for $22+. 
Buy it from Ella Winston for $23.89.
Buy it from Fairgoods on Etsy for $10+.
Buy it from WeddingTokens on Etsy for $6.
Buy it from Mrs. Stitch's Boutique on Etsy for $15+.
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Buy it on Fairgoods for $10.


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