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These $130 wireless earbuds are just $30 today

Wireless earbuds are the future (and the present), but no matter how alluring

Wireless earbuds are the future (and the present), but no matter how alluring a pair of AirPods might be, not all of us have the cash to invest in the next stage of Bluetooth listening. 1Voice's Wireless Earbuds, however, give users the opportunity to ditch their wired setups for a fraction of what other wireless gear goes for. They're on sale today for $29.99.

Engineered with 4.2 Bluetooth technology, these wireless earbuds let you tune into your favorite playlists without fussing over tangled wires or spotty connections. They can play for up to seven hours on a single charge, and they even come with an included charging case, allowing you to squeeze out an extra six to seven charges before you need to plug back in. What's more, these earbuds can sync with up to two devices for added flexibility.

1Voice's Wireless Earbuds and the included charging case normally retail for $129, but they're available today for $29.99, more than 75 percent off their usual price.

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