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15 High-Paying Jobs That Don’t Require Too Much Math

You may hear about bankers and financial analysts who make plenty of money using math at their jobs every day.

But what if you’re not a math fan? There are still plenty of jobs that allow you to make money without having to do calculations all day. What’s more, they pay just as well as a finance or math position.

Check out these positions that can help you boost your bank account if you prefer a job that doesn’t require you to crunch any numbers.

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1. Marketing manager

Marketing managers may have to deal with a budget on occasion, but their main purpose is to create advertising and marketing for clients. It may be a great way to use your creative talents to help your customers.

A marketing manager can make a mean annual wage of $153,440, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).

2. Transportation inspector

A transportation inspector position may be good if you like cars, trains, planes, or other modes of transportation.

The specialized position may inspect equipment to make sure they are within safety standards or if they need maintenance.

A transportation inspector position can make $77,530 as a mean annual wage.

3. Technical writer

Put your writing skills to the test as a technical writer, creating instruction manuals or content that includes complex or technical information.

A specialization in a particular field could also boost your annual income depending on the field. Technical writers can make a mean wage of $78,060 per year, according to the BLS.

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4. Historian

You may be surprised to find that historians can make a decent amount of money each year without a math background.

Historians may do research or educational outreach, and a good historian might need a master’s degree to make a decent living in the field.

Historians make a mean $63,940 annual salary for their work in the field.

5. Web developer

A web developer position may be good for you if you like computers, design, or coding. Web developers can make a mean annual salary of $78,300, according to the BLS.

It can also be a great field to go into as web developer jobs are expected to increase by 23% in the next decade, which is faster than the expected job growth for all positions in the U.S.

6. Dental hygienist

You can help out dentists as a dental hygienist, working with clients to clean their teeth or assisting dentists with issues like filling cavities.

Dental hygienists usually require an associate’s degree, which may be appealing if you don’t want to go to a traditional college or university. And hygienists can make a mean annual salary of $77,810.

7. Lawyer

It can be tough to become a lawyer, including post-graduate work and passing an exam to practice law. But that hard work can pay off in the form of a mean annual salary of $127,990, according to the BLS.

In many instances, you can also avoid math depending on the type of law you decide to practice.

8. Psychologist

Psychologists are responsible for working with patients on their emotional and mental health, a position that may require post-secondary education as well as being licensed to practice.

In exchange, a psychologist can make a mean annual salary of $81,040 without the need for math regularly.

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9. Elevator installer and repairer

Working as an elevator installer or repair technician is a specialized position that requires a high school diploma as well as an apprenticeship or internship.

The position needs more technical skills than typical math skills and can net an elevator worker around $97,860 per year.

10. Occupational therapist

An occupational therapist can work with patients to help them through rehabilitation exercises to treat injuries, illnesses, or other physical issues.

A therapist may need a master’s degree as well as a license from the state to work in hospitals, schools, nursing homes, and other areas with patients.

Occupational therapists can make a mean annual salary of $85,570, according to the BLS, without the need for math.

11. Nurse practitioner

A nurse practitioner can assist doctors with carrying for patients but usually doesn’t need the specialized training and additional education that a medical doctor may require.

Nurse practitioners can make money without math with a mean annual salary of $123,780, according to the BLS. The profession is also predicted to see a 40% increase in the next decade.

12. Compliance officer

A compliance officer may be hired by a company or government agency to make sure the organization is complying with all laws and regulations throughout the business.

Compliance officers make a mean annual salary of $75,810, according to the BLS.

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13. Logistician

A logistician takes care of coordinating logistics such as shipping products from one place to another or making sure each part of a supply chain is running as optimally as necessary.

A position in this type of field requires an associate’s or bachelor’s degree and can make you a mean salary of $77,030 each year.

14. Hotel manager

It may be difficult to keep things running at a business that is operating 24 hours a day, but that’s why hotel managers can make a good living, particularly depending on the property.

Hotel managers can make a mean annual salary of $59,430 with at least a high school diploma, according to the BLS.

15. Public relations specialist

As a public relations specialist, you may have to work in a communications department to help your clients promote their work.

Clients can include individuals as well as organizations like companies or government agencies.

A public relations specialist can expect to make $62,800 a year in mean salary without any math.

Bottom line

No math, no problem. You can still save money working at a job that doesn’t require math on a daily basis.

You may even be able to pick up a side hustle without math to stay on budget with your typical expenses.

And remember to check for local opportunities as well as potential work-from-home options to find the best fit to make your work skills succeed for you.

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