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15 striking cabbies arrested at Vegas convention

LAS VEGAS (AP) -- Police say fifteen taxi drivers on strike in Las Vegas were arrested Tuesday while protesting outside the large National Association of Broadcasters convention.

Officer Jose Hernandez says 14 people were booked and released on suspicion of traffic-related violations, including 12 for failing to obey a traffic signal, one for traffic obedience to a police officer, and one for walking in a roadway.

Hernandez says one person was arrested on an outstanding warrant.

Union officials say about 400 drivers demonstrating against the Yellow-Checker-Star cab company were acting lawfully when the arrests happened outside the Las Vegas Convention Center.

Some drivers have been on strike since March 3 over a contract dispute with the company's management. They say they're trying to discourage the more than 90,000 NAB attendees from using Yellow-Checker-Star.