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15 Vegan Fall Desserts You Should Bake Right Away

Julie R. Thomson

With pumpkins, sweet potatoes and apples coming into season, it’s time we accept that fall is just around the corner. Sure, the arrival of fall means the end of summer, but it also means we’re entering the season for baking

Nothing says fall more than an apple pie cooling on the counter or a pumpkin spiced sweet treat. We have those recipes for you, without the eggs, butter or cream. We’re talking vegan desserts specifically curated for fall flavors. Get you some:

1 1-Bowl Vegan Pumpkin Roll

(Minimalist Baker)

Get the 1-Bowl Vegan Pumpkin Roll recipe from Minimalist Baker

2 Molasses Cookies

(I Love Vegan)

Get the Molasses Cookies recipe from I Love Vegan

3 Vegan "Butterfingers" Candy Bar

(Healthy Happy Life)

Get the Vegan "Butterfingers" Candy Bar recipe from Healthy Happy Life

4 Deep Dish Caramel Apple Pie

(This Rawsome Vegan Life)

Get the Deep Dish Caramel Apple Pie recipe from This Rawsome Vegan Life

5 1-Bowl Ginger Cookies

(Minimalist Baker)

Get the 1-Bowl Ginger Cookies recipe from Minimalist Baker

6 Fudgy Vegan Walnut Brownies

(I Love Vegan)

Get the Fudgy Vegan Walnut Brownies recipe from I Love Vegan

7 Healthy Sweet Potato Pie

(Chocolate Covered Katie)

Get the Healthy Sweet Potato Pie recipe from Chocolate Covered Katie

8 Apple Walnut Crumble Coffee Cake

(Healthy Happy Life)

Get the Apple Walnut Crumble Coffee Cake recipe from Healthy Happy Life

9 Creamy Pumpkin Pie Bars

(Minimalist Baker)

Get the Creamy Pumpkin Pie Bars recipe from Minimalist Baker

10 Maple Orange Sesame Bites

(This Rawsome Vegan Life)

Get the Maple Orange Sesame Bites recipe from This Rawsome Vegan Life

11 Pumpkin Oatmeal Cakes With Apple-Pecan Compote

(Fat Free Vegan)

Get the Pumpkin Oatmeal Cakes with Apple-Pecan Compote recipe from Fat Free Vegan

12 1-Bowl Vegan Gluten Free Carrot Cake

(Minimalist Baker)

Get the 1-Bowl Vegan Gluten Free Carrot Cake recipe from Minimalist Baker

13 Pumpkin Cashew Cream Cake

(This Rawsome Vegan Life)

Get the Pumpkin Cashew Cream Cake recipe from This Rawsome Vegan Life

14 Apple Pie Crumble Bars

(Minimalist Baker)

Get the Apple Pie Crumble Bars recipe from Minimalist Baker

15 Pear Spice Upside-Down Cake

(Fat Free Vegan)

Get the Pear Spice Upside-Down Cake recipe from Fat Free Vegan

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