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This is what 16 stages of the Tour de France will do to a cyclist's legs

There are tired legs, and then there are Tour de France tired legs. On Tuesday, Polish cyclist Pawel Poljanski showed the world what 16 stages of cycling, and 2,829.5 kilometers, can do to the muscles that propel him forward on the bike.

After sixteen stages I think my legs look little tired,” Poljanski wrote on his Instagram post.

Such epic muscle photos are not unusual for cyclists, as 2017 Tour favorite Chris Froome had his legs featured in a Team Sky tweet from 2014.

Poljanski has kindly used his Instagram as an insight into his experience on the Tour, showing off not only his legs but also some of his highlights during the 21-stage cycling race.

Five stages now stand in front of Poljanski, and his Instagram will likely continue to feature updates as his finishes out the journey, even on tired legs.

Pawel Poljanski shows off his tired legs on Instagram after 16 stages of the Tour de France (Pawel Poljanski/Instagram)