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The 20 best companies for work-life balance in the UK

Lianna Brinded
Head of Yahoo Finance UK
Non-tech companies are better at providing work-life balance, according to a report. Photograph: Toby Melville/Reuters

Striking the balance between your job and having a personal life can feel like a luxury at the best of times. However, some companies are wising up to the importance of helping prevent staff from burning out, which also has an impact on turnover.

According to job website Glassdoor‘s Highest Rated Companies for Work-Life Balance 2018 report, if you do want a decent cadence to your life, then look for a role at a non-tech firm. 

“While tech companies get a lot of attention for offering amazing perks and handsome salaries, these results indicate that it’s the non-tech businesses which provide UK employees with the best levels of work-life balance,” said John Lamphiere, Glassdoor’s EMEA managing director in a statement. “If you want to attract quality talent you need to be able to provide flexible working conditions and have a management team open to the idea of their employees working from home.”

A minimum of 80 work-life balance ratings had to be submitted on Glassdoor by UK-based employees by 12 July 2018 in order to be included in the report. This included everything from convenient commutes to working hours. The numbers were then averaged, with a maximum score of 5. Calculations extended beyond the thousandth decimal place to determine rank but for reporting simplicity, the ratings were rounded to one decimal place. Only academic institutions were excluded from the rankings.

According to the results, a utility company in the north of England, Northern Gas and Power came out top with a rating of 4.7. A number of comparison websites like Love Energy Savings and Skyscanner made the list, as well as public bodies such as the the Environment Agency.

Here is the ranking of the top 20 companies for work-life balance:

1. Northern Gas and Power (4.7)

2. Love Energy Savings (4.7)

3. Chess ICT (4.6)

4. Environment Agency (4.6)

5. Skyscanner (4.6)

6. Equal Experts (4.6)

7. RHP (4.6)

8. Capital One (4.5)

9. Bank of England (4.4)

10. Sytner (4.4)

11. M&G (4.4)

12. Citizens Advice (4.4)

13. Goodman Masson (4.4)

14. Bromford (4.4)

15. Purplebricks (4.4)

16. Arm (4.3)

17. VMware (4.3)

18. Civica (4.3)

19. Anglian Water (4.3)

20. Thomson Reuters (4.3)