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20 Ways to Stay Busy in Retirement

Dave Bernard

Keeping busy in retirement is important to our general well being and sanity. Once we are no longer part of the working world, it is now our personal responsibility to fill the days with creative endeavors.

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The good news is that we are only limited in what we can pursue by our imagination. However, if we do not plan ahead, the seemingly boundless opportunities may fail to satisfy us. Although many retirees claim they are busier than they were while working, others face boredom and months with little on the calendar to look forward to. In such an environment it is easy to lose your sense of purpose, become bored, and potentially find yourself fighting depression. This is not how retirement is supposed to be.

Some people have more than enough interests and passions to fill every moment of retirement. But others may welcome a little help keeping busy. Here are twenty things to do in retirement:

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1. Plant a garden - flowers or vegetables

2. Learn a new language

3. Pick up a guitar or other musical instrument

4. Write a book - not necessarily to sell, but to share your thoughts

5. Document your family history with pictures and stories

6. Create photographic works of art - consider using modern software and services like Shutterfly

7. Dust off your old fishing pole

8. Go back to school and take classes you want to

9. Donate your time

10. Fine tune your landscaping to show off your abode

11. Try your hand at selling the fruits of your hobbies at a local art festival

12. Test your artistic ability by painting or sculpting

13. Mentor a youngster

14. Travel to a location where you can test your newly-learned language

15. Drive an RV across the country or wherever you choose

16. Learn to cook - as extravagantly as you wish

17. Try coin collecting

18. Learn bridge or other social games

19. Travel near or far

20. Research and build your family tree

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When it comes to keeping busy in retirement, the real measure of success is the quality of life we experience. Try to set up activities that will make you feel satisfied with how you have spent your time. A little advance planning can help you to make your retirement years worthwhile and meaningful.

Dave Bernard is not yet retired but has begun his due diligence to plan for a satisfying retirement. With a focus on the non-financial aspects of retiring, he shares his discoveries and insights on his blog Retirement-Only the Beginning.

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