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After 20 years of marriage, this couple is as gorgeous and in love as ever

Two decades later, this couple looks better than ever. (Photo: Mecca Mayers/Catherine Rogers)

To give a sweet shout-out to her parents on their 20th wedding anniversary, college student Mecca Mayers shared a tweet with photos of her mom and dad on their wedding day next to photos of the pair at their recent vow renewal celebration. The gorgeous couple — beautiful, happy, and clearly so in love — instantly became an internet sensation.

Mecca tells Yahoo Lifestyle that she never thought her simple tweet would go viral, but that her parents’ 26-year love story is worthy of attention.

Anthony and Dajuana Mayers on their wedding day 20 years ago. (Photo: Courtesy Mecca Mayers)

“My parents met while they were out with their friends,” she says. “As soon as my dad saw her, he immediately joked that he’d better not see her with any other guys. My mom thought he was handsome, bold, and funny. From that point on, their love story unfolded. They began dating. Months turned into years and sooner than later they were saying ‘I do’ on my mother’s birthday. Their romance blossomed and their family grew and before they knew it, 20 years was knocking at their doorstep.

“I joke with my parents that they are everyone’s ‘relationship goals’ now.”

Anthony and Dajuana Mayers celebrating at their vow renewal ceremony. (Photo: Catherine Rogers)

Anthony and Dajuana Mayers are from New Jersey and have three children. Mecca, 22, is the couple’s middle child. When it was time to celebrate their 20th anniversary, the couple wanted to include all their family and friends. So they did a vow renewal ceremony.

“My parents decided that they wanted to share their love with the rest of our family and friends. They wanted to be a testament and example to all couples embarking on the journey of marriage,”  she says. “This was their wedding 2.0.”

Anthony and Dajuana Mayers on their wedding day. (Photo: Courtesy Mecca Mayers)

Based on the photos, it is hard to believe 20 years have passed. In two decades the couple only looks happier and even more glowing.

“We’re best friends,” bride Dajuana Mayers tells Yahoo Lifestyle. “Love seeks perfection, but real friendship makes allowances for flaws and shortcomings. My advice for other couples is not to take yourselves so seriously. Life is too short, and happiness is transient. Make the most of every day you share together.”

As for how she’s still so stunning three kids and 20 years later? “A whole lot of laughter, healthy eating, exercise, and rest,” she says.

Anthony and Dajuana Mayers cheerfully walking down the aisle at their vow renewal ceremony. (Photo: Catherine Rogers)

“We are a tight, close-knit family that loves intensely,” Dajuana says. “We support each other no matter what. Our roots run deep, and that’s what keeps us strong.”

The Twitterverse is also celebrating the couple’s love.

Dajuana is shocked by all the love and support they have received from people around the globe. “It warms my heart that we can be an inspiration for others. Marriage isn’t easy, but it’s worth it,” she says. “We never thought in a million years that our little anniversary would have such a huge impact.”

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