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200 Of Anthony Bourdain’s Personal Belongings Will Be Auctioned Off To Benefit His Scholarship Fund

Megan Schaltegger
Photo credit: Mike Pont - Getty Images

From Delish

Fifteen months after Anthony Bourdain's tragic death, over 200 of his personal belongings will be auctioned off, the New York Times reports. A portion of the proceeds will benefit his Culinary Institute of America study abroad scholarship.

The online auction, which is set for October and will be hosted by Antiques Roadshow's Lark Mason, includes some of the late, great chef's most treasured belongings—the desk where he wrote, his beloved Bob Kramer knife, and several of his own manuscripts. The entirety of the 215-item collection is estimated to be worth between $200,000 and $400,000.

The knife, a steel and meteorite combination that was crafted in Campo de Cielo, Argentina, is expected to go for the highest price. Kramer personally made and gifted the item to Bourdain in 2016. "He was thrilled, and I was thrilled," the bladesmith told the outlet: "He walked right to the bar and he was like, 'Oh man, I've been looking forward to this.' He held it, looked at me, I don't know, we just connected there for a second. Because he got it and I'd made it for him."

According to the Times, 40 percent of the revenue will be put towards the scholarship while the other 60 percent will be set aside for his wife, Ottavia Busia (the pair was separated at the time of his death) and his daughter, Ariane.

"Those things helped ground him," Mason said of the items. "He had a turbulent life in many respects and an unsettled soul. As we look at all these things, almost everything was purposeful."

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