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2003 Nissan 350Z with serial number 1 for sale

Joel Stocksdale

Nissan enthusiasts, you may want to check your bank accounts, because you now have the opportunity to own a historically significant 350Z. First reported by Jalopnik, Don Davis Nissan in Arlington, Texas, is offering a 2003 350Z that is claimed to be the first one off the production line. This is due to its VIN, which has the serial number "000001." This often is a sign that a car is the first in production, but just to be sure, we've reached out to Nissan for confirmation, and will update this post with any news we get from the company.

Aside from this potentially being the very first production Z car built since the Z32 300ZX was discontinued, it's an extraordinarily clean, low-miles example of the sports car. It only has 173 miles on the odometer, and the interior is spotless. The car is equipped just the way a 350Z enthusiast would want — although it isn't the "Enthusiast" trim level. It's a Track model, so it has Brembo brakes, light Rays 18-inch alloy wheels, a viscous limited-slip differential, aluminum pedals, and a rear spoiler. The car also comes with the six-speed manual transmission.

The asking price on this 350Z is a not-unsubstantial $48,500. To put that into perspective, you could walk into a Nissan dealer and pick up a brand-new NISMO 370Z for about $2,000 less, and that's without any haggling. Then again, considering the car's probable significance and superb condition, it doesn't seem like a horrific price. There's also the fact that, since it's simply being offered for sale rather than auction, the price won't skyrocket like it did for the first Type R in the U.S., or this extra clean Mitsubishi Evo.

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