Massucci's Take: BlackBerry beats iPhone in smash 'em up road test

·1 min read

About a week ago, my iPhone and my BlackBerry flew off the roof of my car as I drove down a New Jersey road at about 35 miles per hour. As I looked in my rear view mirror and saw my beige canvas bag flying from my car to the road below, I pulled over to the emergency lane, jumped out of the car, and ran toward the bag.

To my dismay, the iPhone was lying face-down on the pavement. Its protective case had split in two, its glass shattered into a crystalline spider-web. Surprisingly, the BlackBerry, which had no case, survived the impact with just a few pockmarks. The battery and cover had popped off, so I put them into place, pushed the power button on the device and voilà, it powered on and worked immediately.

Despite my disappointment about my iPhone, I realized the results of my unintentional and unscientific road test could have bigger implications.