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2013 Top Fifteen Interview with Stephen Swad, President and Chief Executive Officer of Rosetta Stone Inc. (RST), Explains His Company's Position within the "EdTech Revolution"

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Topics covered: Top 15 CEO Interviews of 2013

Companies include: Rosetta Stone, Inc. (RST)

In the following excerpt from the Top 15 CEO Interviews of 2013 Report, the CEO of Rosetta Stone discusses the outlook for his company for investors:

TWST: I think Rosetta Stone as a brand name is one most people are familiar with, but please tell us a bit about the origins and history of the company.

Mr. Swad: Just last year we celebrated our 20th anniversary. We were founded in 1992 as a company called Fairfield Language Technologies in Harrisonburg, Virginia. The company was founded by a computer scientist and a man who was a frustrated language learner. They had the feeling they could teach learning a language using technology and avoiding translation and strict rule-driven grammar. So they began to work on a software program that presented language learning as though you were immersed in the country. The company, Rosetta Stone, is named for the artifact that unlocked the secrets of Egyptian hieroglyphics - appropriate for a technology that is designed to unlock language learning for everybody.

TWST: What trends are you seeing in your business today? Are there any particular types or locations of customers driving demand, particular languages or products that are particularly popular?

Mr. Swad: At the highest level, the way people learn is changing as more and more digital solutions are being introduced and embraced, both in the classroom and beyond. Some refer to this as the EdTech revolution, and Rosetta Stone is right in the middle of it, enabling cloud-based learning products for both consumers and institutions. Certainly we are best known in language learning, but we very recently purchased a company in reading, Lexia Learning, and so we are now beginning to extend the company into the broader area of learning.

The company is global, with operations in North America, South America, Europe, Asia and the Middle East, and so we reach customers all over the world. We offer 30 languages, plus our new reading solution...

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