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2017 EU LCS Summer Group draw finalized

2017 EU LSC Summer Group Draw (lolesports)

The European League of Legends Championship Series team representatives have drawn Group A and B for the coming 2017 Summer Split, according to Lolesports.

The groups are as follows:

As outlined previously, draw works such that the winning team from the previous split is placed in Group A, the second place team is placed in Group B. After this, the top team in Group A (in this case, G2 Esports) picks the second team for Group B. Then, the top team in Group B picks the second team for Group A. The second place team in group A will then pick the third place team in Group B, and so on. According to Lolesports, the draw took place earlier today, May 26th, 2017.

With the exception of Origen and Giants Gaming, who were relegated last split and replaced with Mysterious Monkeys and Ninjas in Pyjamas, the draw results reflect the same groups as 2017 Spring. Many fans complained that EU LCS results were somewhat predictable last split, which may have lead to the same groups being drawn if team representatives took past results into account.

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