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The 2017 Kansas State Science & Engineering Fair Will Highlight the Best Student Researchers from Kansas


The Kansas State Science & Engineering Fair (KSSEF) will be held on Friday, March 31st, 2017 at the Exploration Place at the Sedgwick County Science and Discovery Center in Wichita, Kansas. KSSEF represents an excellent opportunity for aspiring students across Kansas to expand their knowledge of science and related fields. Students will gain experience in critical thinking, leadership, and develop their problem-solving skills. The winning students will receive numerous awards that include trophies, cash, and scholarships. KSSEF provides a progressive opportunity for students to compete in local, regional, state, and international levels.

Students competing at the KSSEF previously competed at one of the six regional science fairs within Kansas and finished in the top 25% of their respective division. Students are required to have completed their own scientific research and must present their findings in both written and oral formats. Students who were judged to be in the top 35, or 25%, of their division in the regional fair will advance to KSSEF. The fair will showcase over 150 projects from students in grades 4-12.

How to get involved with the KSSEF: Volunteers from STEM related fields are scheduled to meet with students and judge their scientific research at KSSEF. If you are interested in volunteering as a judge, please complete the application on the KSSEF website.

The projects and team members of the KSSEF reach new heights every year, but all progress is made possible by those who donate to this cause. The KSSEF would like to thank all of our volunteers, as well as our primary sponsor, Westar Energy. If you are interested in donating to the KSSEF, please visit http://sylmicro.com/kssef/pages/sponsors.php.

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