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2018 Kia Stinger will start at $32,795

Jeremy Korzeniewski

The 2018 Stinger proves that Kia can indeed make a credible performance sedan. And now we know exactly how much it will cost to park the rear-wheel-drive hatchback in your garage. The 2018 Kia Stinger starts at $32,795 with its standard 255-horsepower turbocharged four-cylinder engine. Opting for all-wheel drive, which is available across the board, bumps the price up by $2,200. A Stinger with the premium package that brings LED lights, a sunroof, power seats, navigation, and a nice sound system will set you back just under $38,000.

If you want a Stinger GT and its 3.3-liter twin-turbo 365-hp V6, expect a sticker of at least $39,895. A fully loaded Stinger GT2 will run $50,395. That sounds pricey, but only if you're basing your buying decision on the badge. We tested this performance-bred Kia on the world's best-known race circuit, the Nurburgring, and came away mightily impressed. The Stinger is aimed at premium brands like Audi, BMW, and Mercedes-Benz, and with that in mind, it's priced appropriately. Only time will tell if the car-buying public at large agrees. We'll find out soon; the Stinger will hit dealerships within the next few weeks.

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