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Lyft's new monthly subscription is cheaper, but doesn't cover ride costs

Christine Fisher
Contributing Writer

Last year, Lyft tried to get users to pay $299 per month for its All-Access Plan. That included 30 "free" monthly trips (as long as they were under $15), but people were, understandably, shocked by the price tag. Now, Lyft is trying a new approach. It's Lyft Pink membership offers a 15 percent discount on all car rides, and it's just $19.99 per month, less than 10 percent of the monthly All-Access fee.

Lyft Pink comes with a few other perks, like three "free" 30-minute bike or scooter rides per month (in select markets), three free trip cancelations, priority airport pickup and waived lost-and-found fees. The service isn't quite ready yet, but the company says it's coming soon, and you can sign up for early access now.

The new plan will replace Lyft's All-Access service. By the end of the year, Lyft Pink will be the only subscription plan, a Lyft spokesperson told Engadget. Beginning October 30th, current All-Access members will be notified of the change.

Update 10/29/19 4:10PM ET: The story's original headline was updated for clarity.