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Millions of text messages were carelessly exposed by a marketing firm

Jon Fingas
Associate Editor
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    The real question is why does this marketing firm have access to anyones text messages?
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    What happened to Sarbanes-Oxley laws where CEOs of Corporations were to be held responsible for data breaches in their Corporate systems?
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    Want to solve this problem, make ANY Company that has a data breach, data not encrypted, pay for lifetime credit monitoring for the victim with the credit monitoring firm of the victim's choice. Watch how fast industry gets the problem resolved. You could use a sliding scale, SSN is lifetime credit monitoring, any medical information lifetime monitoring, email or phone number 10 years monitoring, drivers license gets you four years credit monitoring.
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    Why are we surprised? Read up on computer/data security.
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    We've all been exposed several times over. At this point, the best thing you can do is get into the rhythm of always changing your passwords, never giving out any part of your SSN unless in person (lie if you have to), and link your online accounts to several different email addresses.
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    For all you commenting about your lack of concern over your boring texts; that's not what the data contained.
    "The exposed messages aren't going to include private conversations"
    "The messages sometimes included sensitive info like recipients' full names, email addresses and phone numbers, but the accounts' data was noticeably worse. You could find usernames, email addresses and a mix of clearly visible and lightly-encrypted passwords"
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    This is why I give no one my info, even at the store say Walgreens, when they ask you to put your phone number in to save I always give the same fake phone number for all these stores that have a key tag savings card, once they collect your data they sell it to some marketing firm
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    When you have any phone with apps you basically give away all privacy
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    At this point I think my information has been leaked in a million different ways. I get so many spam calls that I just let my voicemail answer any numbers that I don't know.
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    well, the people who create the software are those doing the hacking. can't convince me that this isn't so!