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2019 FCS head coaching changes

(STATS) - It's expected the head coaching carousel in FCS college football will spin less following the 2019 season than the way it did in the last two dizzying years.

There were 24 different schools with a change atop their program between the start of the 2017 and '18 seasons and 25 with a change between the start of the 2018 and '19 seasons.

Some schools, though, are already moving toward a new era in 2020.


FCS schools that have had a head coaching change since the start of the 2019 season (with date of change and new coach if applicable):

Cal Poly: Tim Walsh (Nov. 25) - new coach Beau Baldwin (Dec. 11)

Central Connecticut State: interim Ryan McCarthy (Oct. 16) - new coach Ryan McCarthy

Eastern Kentucky: Mark Elder (Nov. 25) - new coach Walt Wells (Dec. 9)

Gardner-Webb: Carroll McCray (Nov. 24) - new coach Tre Lamb (Dec. 14)

Howard: Ron Prince (Dec. 6) - interim coach Aaron Kelton

Lamar: Mike Schulz (Nov. 25) - new coach Blane Morgan (Dec. 12)

McNeese State: Sterlin Gilbert (Jan. 12) - Frank Wilson (Jan. 16)

Mercer: Bobby Lamb (Nov. 24) - new coach Drew Cronic (Dec. 10)

Missouri State: Dave Steckel (Jan. 9) - new coach Bobby Petrino (Jan. 15)

Murray State: Mitch Stewart (Nov. 23) - new coach Dean Hood (Dec. 13)

Northern Colorado: Earnest Collins III (Nov. 24) - new coach Ed McCaffrey (Dec. 12)

Wagner: Jason Houghtaling (Dec. 6) - new coach Tom Masella (Dec. 7)