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2019 March Madness Upset Tracker

Khadrice Rollins
2019 March Madness Upset Tracker

The best part of the NCAA tournament every year is the upsets and 2019 is no different.

The tournament kicked off with a bang on Thursday as the 16-game slate was filled with competitive matchups throughout the day.

From LSU vs. Yale to Baylor vs. Syracuse, there were entertaining games from start to finish.

Keep track of all the instances where a lower seed won so you can remember the most important part of every March Madness: all the upsets.

East Region

No. 10 Minnesota over No. 7 Louisville: 86-76

Non-upsets: No. 6 Maryland over No. 11 Belmont, No. 3 LSU over No. 14 Yale and No. 2 Michigan State over No. 15 Bradley

West Region

No. 9 Baylor over No. 8 Syracuse: 78-69

No. 12 Murray State over No. 5 Marquette: 83-64

No. 10 Florida over No. 7 Nevada: 70-61

Non-upsets: No. 1 Gonzaga over No. 16 Fairleigh Dickinson, No. 4 Florida State over No. 13 Vermont and No. 2 Michigan over No. 15 Montana

Midwest Region

No Upsets

No. 5 Auburn over No. 12 New Mexico State, No. 4 Kansas over No. 13 Northeastern, No. 7 Wofford over No. 10 Seton Hall and No. 2 Kentucky over No. 15 Abilene Christian

South Region

No Upsets

No. 6 Villanova over No. 11 Saint Mary's and No. 3 Purdue over No. 14 Old Dominion

No. 13 UC Irvine over No. 4 Kansas State

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