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2020 Study: 2 of 3 Kids Wear the Wrong Size Shoes

NEW YORK, March 5, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Shoes that are too small put children at risk of foot deformities and other serious health issues. The bad news for parents; almost two-thirds of all children are wearing shoes that are too small.

BlitzResults conducted a survey recently and found that 67% of all kids are wearing shoes that are too small. Improperly fitting shoes can cause hallux valgus. This is a foot deformity that happens when the big toe starts to angle inward, which causes a swollen lump just below the big toe.

Main findings of the survey

  • 67% of all kids are wearing shoes that are too small. Of these, 48% are one size too small and 19% are even two.
  • Only 33% are wearing the correct size, and only 10 % of those have room to grow.
  • Of the parents surveyed, 52% said they'd never measured their kid's foot length but instead relied solely on sensorial and visual tests.

Infographic: https://blitzresults.com/files/children-shoe-size-study-2020.png (All infographics are released under a "Creative Commons License" and may be used free of charge.)

The most important tips to find the right size:

  • The right and left foot rarely have the same length. A difference in length of up to half an inch is completely normal - but this corresponds to almost an entire shoe size. Parents should therefore always be guided by the longer foot when buying shoes.
  • Shoe manufacturers label their shoes with the standard sizes everybody knows. But there is no mandatory industry standard. Therefore, never blindly rely on shoe sizes. Try out every shoe carefully.
  • Most parents know that feet need enough space. But they regularly underestimate the actual space requirement. At least ½ inch additional leeway are optimal.

A measuring guide, sources and studies on the topic as well as a lot of background information can be found at https://www.blitzresults.com/en/childrens-shoe-sizes/

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