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22 Hearses to Deliver Excess Flowers to El Paso Shooting Memorial Site

EL PASO, Texas, Aug. 16, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Salvador Perches, owner of Perches Funeral Homes, announced that the funeral homes that provided free services to the victims of the El Paso shootings, will be conducting a ceremonial drive from La Paz Faith (located at 1201 N Piedras) to the memorial site of the shooting on Sunday, Aug. 18th at 10 a.m.  22 hearses will represent the 22 victims of the shooting. The drive will go along Montana Ave. and then to Hawkins Blvd. to the memorial site.

"I came up with the idea because we have more than 500 arrangements that have been sent by people around the world for Mrs. Reckard's service.  I spoke with her husband about the idea and he felt this would be a fitting tribute to his wife and to the other victims.  Contact was then made to all of the other participating funeral homes and all of them agreed that this can serve as a gesture of unity and a sense of closure for all of the funerals that happened from this tragedy," Perches said.

Participating funeral homes and the number of hearses are as follows:

  • Perches Funeral Homes (7)
  • Martin Funeral Home (5)
  • Sunset Funeral Home (4)
  • San Jose Funeral Home (4)
  • Mt. Carmel Funeral Home (3)

For further information about this event, please call (915) 373-7677.

If you need to interview any one, please contact the following:

Salvador Perches: (915)373-7677 
Perches FH        s.perches@perchesfuenralhomes.com

Edward Lujan: (915)584-1234 
Martin FH

Chris Lujan: (915)587-4408 
Sunset FH

Stephen Vargas: (915)532-1856 
San Jose FH

Jaime Martinez: (915)857-3535 
Mt. Carmel FH


John Michael Loeffler (915)342-7677





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