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22 people share their friends with benefits stories, and we’re so here for it

Steph Barnes
22 people share their friends with benefits stories, and we’re so here for it

In a perfect world, a friends with benefits situation may seem…well, perfect! Because sometimes having regular (and hopefully amazing) sex with a close friend without the strings and emotional entanglement of a *real* relationship might be exactly what you need after your 10th failed blind date or a particularly bad break up. Unfortunately, the world we live in is far from perfect and things can get very confusing, very quickly.

Unexpected bouts of jealousy and the possibility of unrequited love can cause things to get a little tricky. And even the strongest friendships may have a difficult time navigating the strange new world being in a FWB situation creates. Additionally, a new study shows that only 15% of friends with benefits situations actually become successful relationships. Then what happens to the friendships after the benefits are removed?

We’re not entirely sure but we did find 22 people willing to shed some light on this whole thing with tales of their very own friends with benefits situations. (Courtesy of Whisper.)


I used to have a long term FWB. After we stopped visiting with each other, I texted to ask him to wear an undershirt for 3 days and send it to me. 4 days later it was hand-delivered to my mailbox.


Just ended it with my long term fwb. The sex was amazing but he needs to start dating again and I felt like I was holding him back. I miss the sex already. 😭


My long term fwb just friend zoned me. I don't know why I'm crying. I never liked him romantically.


Why do guys always screw up FWB for the rest of us? I have had 2 successful long term FWB


We've been fwb for almost 9 years. Tonight he said my name while climaxing. First time for that. 🤔


My ex and I have been FWB for 8 years....I finally said I'm done!!


I basically have 2 boyfriends. One is my totally platonic best friend, the other is my long term FWB. The coexistence is getting tough... and even tho I'm dating neither the jealousy is very apparent


Seriously done with all these games all of you play. If we're together, you cheat, lie, ect. Hell I just found out my long term fwb has a girlfriend. Anyone genuine out there?


My long term fwb says he doesn't want to start a relationship with me because it'll complicate things.. we've compromised to just spending more time together. Should I move on or see where this goes?


In 2 yrs I slept with 9 guys. If I hadn't met my long term fwb idk how high my number would have gotten.


Me and a guy have been fwb for awhile, not sure how long this can go, before it starts to become more... Maybe it just won't.


My "friend" & I have been fwb for almost 5 years. He has a new baby with another woman and lives with her. I still sleep with him.


My long term FWB broke it off with me because he was falling in love and didn't want it to get worse. I've never met a guy as good as him.


We've been fwb for 2 yrs. Since day 1 we had a mutual agreement. We hang out often go out together and we are celebrating Valentine's together. Yet we are not a thing. Idk what to think or feel


Having great sex with my long term fwb is preventing me from getting out and meeting someone new who I might actually care about


Been FWB for almost a year I feel hes outta my league. what does this mean. I have nothing else lined up so I enjoy him. But should we end it because it is toxic..or see where it takes us. :/ Lust..


Is it wierd that i dont like my best guy friend but we've been fwb for about 4 years now.?


Been fwb for 3yrs.. but he's turning into more. I'm good with the basics man. Sex and food is all I need.


So my fwb wants to take it to the next step we have been fwb for 7 years and he told me he wants a baby


I have a really good friend in the army. We've been fwb for years but only when he comes to town since he's based in another state. He's finally coming home for good and I'm freaking out lol


I sometimes wonder if he feels anything towards me since we've been FWB for 3 years now.. Hmm


just realized my fwb & I have been fwb for 5 years. I'm glad we haven't gotten tired of each other(;

At the end of the day, what works for one person may not work for you. If you are able to sleep with your friend, keep your emotions out of it, and walk away if and when the time comes then go for it. But if you you think you may want a little bit more, having a friend with benefits might not be the right move for you. For some, sex is the icing on the cake of friendship but for others, not so much.