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24 Year Old Marketing Wiz Builds Unique Business That Generates Sales for Clients

The firm manages over $10 million in ad spend across various social media marketing and search engine marketing platforms.

LOS ANGELES, July 30, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Logan Kurtz founded his first internet business at age 14 and authored his first book called Royal Tips on Standing Up to a Bully while in college studying marketing. Now, at age 24, with 10 years of marketing experience already under his belt, he is running a successful digital marketing agency, called Wisly Marketing. In its first three months, the business attracted a dozen clients, notably taking one from zero to $820,000 in sales revenue in just eight months.

The firm caters to carefully vetted multi-million-dollar brands, with a focus on revenue generation by increasing their clients' leads and sales. Wisly Marketing touts its deep understanding of consumer trends and brand storytelling along with its proven track record in leveraging digital and social tools to deliver a return for its clients.

"I am all about delivering quantifiable results and only work with clients that will benefit from Wisly's technology and marketing expertise. I do not try to sell something to companies that are not the right fit for them and I will never encourage prospects to invest in what will not measurably support their business model," explained Kurtz.

The firm manages over $10 million in ad spend across various social media marketing and search engine marketing platforms. It has been awarded the coveted Google Partner badge – a designation that denotes results in managing digital marketing campaigns on Google Ads. Kurtz himself holds eight different Google certifications; he is HubSpot Inbound certified and he is Facebook Blueprint certified.

Wisly Marketing's strengths lie in several key verticals: Consumer Electronics, Gaming, Fashion Footwear, Travel, CPG, Franchises & Retail, Beauty, Attorneys/Law, Real Estate/Roofing, Sports Gear & Apparel and Entertainment/Media.

Clients across describe the agency's services with phrases like: "My phone will not stop ringing!", "…my return on investment has been met and surpassed many times over", and "we were able to quickly get to market with a solution that fit my budget and grew my customer count."

"I am an entrepreneur by nature and receive great satisfaction from helping others to succeed through my natural and learned prowess in technology and strategic marketing. Wisly Marketing is innovative and passionate about staying ahead of trends and we will continue to use our know-how and energy to help clients beat the competition and win brand loyalty," added Kurtz.

For more information, go to https://www.wislymarketing.com or @wislymarketing on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Media Contact: 
Logan Kurtz
Phone: +1 818.532.1044
Email: pr@wislymarketing.com

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Wisly Marketing Logo
Wisly Marketing's logo designed in October 2018. Wisly Marketing works with brands to capitalize on changes in the market as a strategic digital marketing partner with a deep understanding of how people find brands and present stories.

Logan Kurtz, 2016
Logan Kurtz, smiling in August 2016.

Logan Kurtz, 2018
Logan Kurtz, smiling in 2018.

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