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25 Self-Care Ideas for Moms (And How to Prioritize Yourself)

Tracy Robert

Mamas: what’s your self-care recipe? Do you have one? As moms, we often prioritize ourselves last. Caring for children and families is hard work and we deserve a few moments of daily, weekly and monthly self-care moments.

Pick three You might not be the most energized, fashionable, fit, rested, social, well-read woman — but you can be a couple of those things! If you can prioritize your three self-care moments, you might find it’s easier to sneak them in. What can you do daily, weekly and monthly to help yourself feel your best mentally or physically?

For example, I prioritize exercise, long showers and nights out. Another mom might enjoy daily reading, weekly cooking for fun and a monthly massage. An introverted mom might depend on a weekly manicure, time to sew and a quiet meditation podcast. A more social mom might thrive on happy hour, pottery class or calling a friend on the phone. How to prioritize self-care Look at your schedule, keep track and ask for help! For your daily self-care moment, just after waking up or before going to bed is a great time. Sundays are great for weekly self-care if you have a partner that’s home and willing to help occupy the kiddos. For your monthly self-care activity, try to schedule time at the beginning of each month and keep that appointment like you would a work commitment! My self-care recipe Daily: Exercise. This can be as simple as a 10-minute online pilates workout or a 30-minute brisk walk. It means if I haven’t done any movement all day, that 10-minute yoga video takes precedence over laundry after my daughter goes to bed. Moving my body helps my mental clarity and helps me feel better physically, too. Weekly: A long shower. While I shower every day (of course), usually on Sundays, I will take a nice long (15 minute) shower and use my favorite luxurious face, hair and body products, too. It helps me relax after busy, fun, kid-centric weekends! My husband knows this is important to me and gives me the uninterrupted time. Monthly: Night out. Whether a date night or time with friends, a night out without kiddos is paramount to my sanity. Bonus if I can combine - spending time with my hubby and our friends at a fun restaurant is one way I feel energized. I have family and local sitters I can count on for this monthly moment. 25 Self-Care Ideas for Moms 1. Exercise 2. Cooking for pleasure 3. Manicures/Pedicures 4. Meditation 5. Crafting 6. Reading 7. Shopping 8. Time with friends 9. Massages 10. Skin-Care/Makeup 11. Coffee Time 12. Worship/Bible Study 13. Massage 14. Quiet Alone Time 15. Therapy 16. Date Night 17. Enjoying a glass of Wine 18. Watching a TV Show 19. Listening to a Podcast 20. Walking 21. Thrifting 22. Sex 23. Decorating 24. Travel 25. Journaling Consider this permission granted to take care of yourself! What are your three self-care moments you’re going to prioritize? Leave us a comment below!